Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Almost like tzatziki: beetroot and feta salad

Beetroot tzatziki or rödbetstsatsiki is how Arla, the Swedish dairy magnate, calls this dish on its recipe site. It is a versatile beetroot and feta cheese salad that lends itself for many uses. The combination of the sweet beetroot and salty feta cheese is very refreshing, and it can be easily adapted to your taste by using various herbs and/or garlic. If you make it a bit drier, it would be great on toast or crostini. If you make it a bit moister, it will be lovely as a side salad with ham, salami, turkey or grilled meat, or as a dipping sauce for crudités. You could even use if as one of the layers for a sandwich cake. The choice is yours.

I think I prefer this beetroot salad to the more common beetroot, garlic & mayo salad we have back home - feta adds a lovely crumbly texture to it.

Beetroot and feta salad
Adapted from the rödbetstsatsiki recipe in Arla Köket 4/1998
Serves 4

100 grams beetroot, boiled
1 shallot, minced
100 grams feta cheese, crumbled
100 ml sour cream or Greek yogurt
black pepper
fresh dill, chopped
garlic, optional

Grate the beetroot coarsely, add the minced onion and crumbled feta cheese.
Mix with the yogurt or sour cream, season with salt and pepper.
Add lots of chopped dill and some garlic, if you wish.


Anonymous said...

Beetroot is the most natural colourant, everything it stains looks so pretty.

Alanna Kellogg said...

Very nice -- somehow it seems to me to cry out for a tiny bite of horseradish too. It's on the "must try soon" list!

Anonymous said...

As usual, another interesting recipe. Thanks!


Thredahlia said...

Ja mina mõtlesin, mida teha kahe vanaema toodud keedupeediga, enne kui need ise enese saatuse otsustavad. :)
Harilikult segan lihtsalt majoneesi, riivjuustu ja küüslauguga - seekord siis teistmoodi.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I would not have thought of using beetroot for this dish, but since I love beetroots (as you will see in a few next posts! ;-))
Thanks Pille, delicieux!

Clivia said...

Mmmm, beetroot and feta is one of my favourite combos! I love the idea to use it in a sandwich cake, just need to figure out what to pair it with...

Pille said...

AK - feel free to use horseradish instead of garlic - both work very well with beetroot.

Paz - I'm glad you think so!

Thredalia - no näed siis:) Kuidas maitses? Majonees-küüslauk-peet on muidugi tõeline klassika (ma juustu tavaliselt ei lisa), aga see versioon on ka väga maitsev.

Bea - your beetroot ravioli are just stunning! Have got recipe envy now:)

Clivia - I hadn't had beetroot and feta combination before, but it definitely wasn't my last time! I think it could be a nice layer for a ham sandwich cake - I had a dollop of salad on toast on top a slice of ham, and it worked very well.

Darlaing said...

interesting. . .

Thredahlia said...

Väga meeldis - meeldivalt teistmoodi. :D Isegi vanemale maitses, kes harilikult toidu suhtes igasugu uuenduste vastu on.
See peet-majonees-juust on vanaemalt külge jäänud. Vahel tuleb meeletu toidunostalgia, siis teen midagi sellist.

Pille said...

Dalramay - yep, it's a rather unusual recipe:)

Thredalia - rõõm kuulda! Mul käivad ka siin Edinburghis toidunostalgiahood peal - siis teen tanguputru, kamakäkke, odrajahuvahtu jms. Mul on isegi pakk talukohvi kapinurgas:)

For those of you who don't speak Estonian: Thredalia loved this salad, as did her usually-very-suspicious-of-new-food granny - quite a compliment, I think:)