Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cranberry orange loaf

This is another recipe “borrowed” from a fellow foodblogger. I had bought a packed of large fresh cranberries a few weeks ago, planning to make Nigella’s up-side down cranberry cake. But I realised I don’t have a suitable baking pan, I chucked the cranberries to the bottom drawer of my fridge, and forgot all about them.

And then I came across this gorgeous photo and recipe of cranberry orange nut bread at Culinary Fool. It's a rather dense loaf, with lots of flavour and plenty of beauty. Here is my very slightly modified version, with metric measurements.

Cranberry orange loaf
(Apelsinimaitseline jõhvikakeeks)
Serves 10

500 ml plain flour
175 ml sugar
1.5 tsp baking powder
0.75 tsp salt
0.5 tsp baking soda
4 Tbsp softened butter
200 ml good quality orange juice 'with bits'
1 egg
300 ml chopped cranberries
125 ml chopped nuts

Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and baking soda in a bowl. Add butter and pinch with your fingers until crumbly.
Add orange juice and egg, mix until flour mixture is moistened.
Add chopped cranberries and nuts (I used sliced almonds and chopped pistachios).
Pour into a buttered 9x5x3 inch loaf tin (see banner above).
Bake in the middle of 180°C oven for an hour.
Check if the loaf cake is ready by inserting a thin wooden pick inserted in centre.
Cool for 10 minutes in the tin, then remove and let it cool completely.

I thought the ruby cranberries and green pistachios made for a beautifully coloured loaf:


Anonymous said...

The loaf looks so deliciously moist and tempting Pille! I have a question: did you use fresh cranberries or dried? I ask because we can't really get fresh cranberries here, and also you mentioned Ocean Spray and we just so happen to have a HUGE bag of Ocean Spray dried cranberries from my mother's trip to NYC...perhaps I can actually make this delectable looking loaf? :)

Pille said...

Joey - I used fresh, but apparently frozen ones are fine, too. You could try with dried ones (craisins:), but these would be more like tart raisins, and the result wouldn't be as moist I'm afraid..
Any chance of finding frozen ones?

chili&vanilia said...

Pille, this looks so great! I just made a cup of tea,if I just could right now have a piece of your cake, hmm
I really want to try something with cranberry and orange now. It will be either this one or I also marked a good looking orange cranberry scone at Bakingsheet

Anonymous said...

Hi Pille, another recipe I have to print and attach to my to-do-list, sounds really great. You seem to be an orange-flavour-lover just as I am ;-) All the best wishes from theflyingapple

Anonymous said...

Hi Pille, will try to search for frozen ones but the chances aren't that great here...I think I better stick to banana loaf, heehee :)

Joe said...

This looks so good Pille!

Pille said...

Zsofi, Angelika and Joe - (a delayed) thank you for your kind words!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pille,

I would like to bake this loaf and not sure with your measurements. how can we have flour / sugar / cranberry in 'ml' ? Isn't that milli liter?

I'd appreciate if you could please provide that measurements in American cups or in grams.


Pille said...

Hi Aisha - thank you for commenting! It's nice to know that people read the archives, too.
Re: my measurements - they're European metric measurements, as that's where I live:) However, converting them is very easy. 1 Litre is 10 decilitres, 1 decilitre is 100 millilitres. It follows that 1 Litre is 1000 millilitres.
One American cup is 240 millilitres. So 500 millilitres is just over 2 cups.
I'm using volume measurements, as 1) this is typical for Northern European recipes; 2) some of my readers do not have kitchen scales, and they'd have to do complicated weight-to-volume conversions. (I only bought digital kitchen scales about 3 months ago).
Alternatively, just click on "The Culinary Fool" link - the recipe there is using American cup volumes.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW Pille!

Amazingly fast reply that too on an archived post. Anyway, many thanks for taking time and replying and for forwarding me to 'The Culinary Fool''s link.

Got the American version of recipe and will try this weekend.