Saturday, January 07, 2006

Verivorst & hapukapsas: Estonian Christmas staples black pudding & sauerkraut

You ALWAYS have sauerkraut (hapukapsas) and black pudding (verivorstid) at an Estonian Christmas table. I've written about sauerkraut before, here's a picture of a pan full of 2 different types of black pudding or blood sausages before roasting.

And here's a picture of my first Christmas meal in 2005, at my auntie Vaike's place - a week before Christmas actually:)

Sauerkraut, black and white pudding (same thing, one with and the other without blood), potatoes and a really delicious chunk of roasted wild boar (hunted my my cousin's husband). Yummmmy..


Anonymous said...

i would love to taste this!


Pille said...

Hi Paz - maybe I can post a recipe for "verivorstid" come next Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Hi there...I am looking for some verivorst to servie this Christmas husband is Estonian..any ideas of where to get it? We livwe in Baltimore, but would ship it in from anywhere...thx!

Hayley said...

You can have "verivorst" at Estonian house in Baltimore. I get it there every Christmas. If he is estonian he knows where the Estonian House is.