Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cooking Estonian: moorapallid

Yesterday was Estonia's Independence Day, celebrating the declaration of independence in 1918. Traditionally I would have cooked something Estonian to mark the occasion (like barley porrige or curd cheese patties or something with kama or maybe a fancy sandwich cake). But as my flu dragged on until much longer than I had hoped (I guess eating ice-cream to cool down the body temperature and soothe the sore throat was maybe not such a good idea after all:), I hadn't done any shopping for almost a week, so no proper cooking either.

Instead I share with you a recipe for a popular sweet at Estonian children's parties. Not exactly a healthy snack, granted, but perfectly acceptable every now and then. I imagine these would look quite nice next to the slightly healthier kama & mascarpone truffles. Make sure you don't put liqueur into the truffles if you're catering for kids though. Or - if you're catering for adults only - feel free to add some rum to the biscuit balls.

Cocoa & biscuit balls

180-200 grams of crumbly biscuits
50-75 grams sugar
2 Tbsp cocoa powder
150 grams jelly candies, chopped
100 grams of butter, melted

Crumble the biscuits into a bowl.
Add the sugar, cocoa and chopped jellies.
Add the melted butter and mix thoroughly.
Put into the fridge to cool and harden a little.
Form the mixture into small balls, roll in cocoa powder and keep in the fridge until serving.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pille, I wish you a fast recovery. I am fascinated by Estonia and its neighbour countries. Thank you for sharing traditional recipes with us. Take care, no more ice cream!:-)

Thredahlia said...

Mulle meeldib teha "moorapallide" suurt sugulast - "kirjut koera" (kurja koera, kui alkoholiga :D). Lihtsalt sama mass tuleb suureks pulgaks vormida ja selle otsast saab pärast viile lõigata. Pähklid, rpsinad ja marmelaad on muidugi kohustuslikud, kuigi ka kuivataud puuviljadega variant on suurepärane.
Meil siin on parim tooraine Selga kakaoküpsised. Pudenevad ülihästi ja kakaod ei pea enam eriti lisamagi.

Moorapalle aga tegin jõuludeks. Et asi natuke pidulikum tuleks, siis katsin pooled üleni tumeda šokolaadiga ja pooled valgega, kastsin ühe külje mandlipurusse (valgetel riivitud šokolaadisse) ja sisemuses oli konjakis leotatud rosinaid.

Thredahlia said...

Kirju koer lendas siis siia :D

Clivia said...

This reminds me so much of a Swedish children´s treat called, simply, chocolate balls. Instead of biscuits we use rolled oats, and no jelly candies, but otherwise quite similar. And when they are ready you roll them in coconut flakes or pearl sugar. Them, too you can spice up more "adult-like", either with strong coffee or some liquor. Hope you get well soon, drink hot water with ginger, honey and lemon wedges!

Anonymous said...

These remind me, just a little, of the Aussie "Chocolate Crackles" made from copha (solid coconut oil), cocoa powder, shredded coconut & the famous 'snap, crackle & pop' Rice Bubbles breakfast cereal (Americans call them Rice Krispies).

For an adult version, I'd make them with chopped apricots & dates with a coffee liqueur. Yum. Take care of yourself.b

Pille said...

Hi Tülin - no more ice cream (when sick), I promise:)

Thredalia - Su kirju koer nägi väga uhke välja, ise olen veidi lihtsamat varianti teinud.

Clivia - it sounds lovely, and we have something similar back home as well. I guess there are endless versions of those cold butter-chocolate sweets.

Pene - again, every country seems to have a version of these. Copha? Sounds interesting. And I like the sound of the adult version - mmm, coffee liqueur;)