Sunday, March 12, 2006

New ways with brassica: roasted cauliflower

Photo updated in June 2008

Here is a lovely side dish that I served alongside the delicious Dutch draadjesvlees or slowly braised beef a fortnight ago. I came across the recipe at RecipeGullet, where it got rave reviews, so I was tempted to try. According to some comments, it tastes like oven chips. I don't know about that, but it was definitely delicious. Seems like Orangette's Molly, the best overall foodblogger of 2005, agrees, as does Antti over at the very nice Doughboy blog*. So do give it a go!

Roasted cauliflower
(Röstitud lillkapsas)

olive oil
Maldon sea salt flakes
crushed black pepper

Cut the cauliflower into 1 cm thick slices - due to the shape of the veg, you'll inevitably end up with some neat slices and some broken smaller florets. That's fine.
Take a large baking sheet, where you can spread the cauliflower in one layer. Drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Toss slightly to coat evenly.
Roast in the middle of 200˚C oven for about 30-40 minutes, turning the slices around every now and then, until the cauliflower is cooked and lovely light to medium golden brown.
Serve hot or cold, on its own or with a garlicky sour cream dip.

A lovely addition to my cauliflower recipes - like the spicy cauliflower with tomatoes and cauliflower with sage butter and eggs that I wrote about here.

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jasmine said...

This sounds wonderful. I have a head of cauliflower in the fridge...I was going to do a curry, but I like this idea much better.


Valentina said...

What an interesting idea. I love cauliflower and never thought of preparing it like that.

Antti said...

I too was amazed how tasty cauliflower is prepared this way. I tried it in January ( and have since managed to convince other cauliflower-dislikers to enjoy it :)

Thredahlia said...

Oi, väga maitsev ja juba ammu proovitud retsept. Lillkapsas on igas kuues hea - kas või lihtsalt keedetult ja või ja soolaga või hoopis tainas friteeritult või püreesupina. Et pilt värvilisem oleks, siis teen lillkapsast harilikult koos spargelkapsaga.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I was just wondering what to do with my cauliflower... :-)

Pille said...

Jasmine - it's certainly less of a hassle than doing a curry:)

Valentina - same here. I love cauliflower in most forms, but hadn't roasted it before..

Antti - thanks for the link - I've included in the post!

Thredalia - mulle ka lillkapsas väga meeldib, aga minu perekonnas pole seda vist küll keegi kunagi varem röstinud. Ema enamasti keedab lihtsalt ja serveerib võiga.
Spargelkapsas on ka muidugi mõnus, aga seda ma armastan kas supina või siis lihtsalt keedetult lisandina.

Dagmar - I was thinking about your organic vegetable box when posting this:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting - I did try roasting a cauliflower once - I had mental image of it being slightly caramelised around the edges, crunchy and delicious. It didn't work out like that - but I think I'll give it another go!

Molly said...

Pille, I'm delighted to see that you too are a fan of roasted cauliflower! I absolutely adore the stuff - especially when it gets crisp and caramelized at the edges! Really delicious.


Pille said...

Richard - mine was exactly like you describe - slightly caramelised around the edges and very tasty. Definitely wroth giving it another go!

Molly - indeed, I can see making this dish over and over again:) I think I'll try to find the green cauliflower that you endorse in your post next time!