Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tallinn Café Scene: Chocolats de Pierre

Last summer I wrote about few of my favourite cafés back in Tallinn: Musi, Kehrwieder (which, to my great delight, has opened a small branch at my future workplace) and Café Peterson (this being just 100 metres from University, I'll frequent much more often - they serve wonderful soups for lunch).

Here is another gem worth visiting should you happen to be in Tallinn* - Chocolats de Pierre. Tucked away in one of the tiny courtyards in the Old Town, it's one of the most romantic places to drink hot chocolate during dark winter nights. It was also an ideal spot for a quick coffee on our way from the church to the wedding just a fortnight ago. We treated ourselves to a couple of Pierre's handmade chocolate truffles (their dark chocolate & chilli one was rather nice) and enjoyed the trio playing medieval music in the courtyard. Bliss!

Chocolats de Pierre
Vene 6
Open daily 9am -11pm

PS Proper blogging resumes tomorrow! There will be two wedding reports (from Brussels and Tallinn, respectively), some pictures from my wonderful mushroom bounty and my impressions of the current restaurant du jour in Tallinn. I'm also looking forward to hosting a very special foodblogger visitor from London this week, so plenty of things happening..

* And quite a few of you do - Doughboy's Antti, Clivia's Kristina, Il Forno's Alberto, Part-Time Pro Bono Baker's Gemma and Lobstersquad's Ximena are just some of the foodbloggers I can think of that have visited my home town during the last year.


Mihkel said...

Hei :) Sattusin su aastataguse kama ja Kamatahvli teemalise postituse peale ning essee asjalikkus rõõmustas mind. Inglisekeelses Wikipedias puudub kama-teemaline artikkel ning paluksin luba su postitust selle põhjana kasutada. Kahjuks ei ole su e-mail avalik ja olin sunnitud kommentaarides küsima.

Cheers, Mihkel

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm getting memories of my holidays...
Many nights sitting in various old towns around the world, tables lining the old streets, the smell of fresh fish, wine, and garlic in the air...

Steve Piercy said...

Oh wow... i'm filled with envy. I think a holiday in that neck of the woods sometime soon is in order. the meantime, i'll have to make-do with Ikea's half-price cloudberry wine!


lobstersquad said...

I went there! It was excellent. We´d rented an appartment right on the next courtyard. Tallin is so beautiful, really, I´m dying to go back.

Anonymous said...

I went there a few years ago and had some really really good hot chocolate. It's a delightful little cafe - I'm kinda glad it's tucked away like that and doesn't attract the hordes.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty cafe, it looks almost like a fairy tale :)

Pille said...

Mihkel, muidugi tohid! Ja teretulemast Nami-nami blogisse.

Scott - have you been to Tallinn before? No smell of fresh fish and garlic in that particular courtyard (just chocolate and coffee and chilly medieval walls), but there's a garlic restaurant (Balthasar) just around the corner and plenty of fresh fish in the sea:)

Steve - definitely so. As I'm moving back home next month, I can also act as a personal guide to Tallinn cafe scene:)

Ximena - how cool! I'm pleased to hear you liked Tallinn.

Howard - it's even more difficult to find during winter, as which tourist wants to wander into a dark and unknown alley after all? A true gem, however. I must remember to blog about it again during the winter!

Keiko - should you ever come to Tallinn, then this tiny cafe is definitely on the to-do-list!