Tuesday, February 27, 2007

MEME: Five things you didn't know about me

Ximena of the picturesque Lobstersquad blog has tagged me for the Five Things You Didn't Know About Me meme*. Sometimes I think I've revealed too much information about me on this blog, so I've been known to sneakily remove some personal information every now and then. On the other hand, some of my friends complain that this is 'all just about food and not enough about you'. Go figure..

In any case, here are five things I don't think you knew about me.

#1 I worked as a child model for two years from the age of 4-5 (pre-school age). There are no magazine pictures of the little model, as I did stage modelling for the Tallinn Fashion House (the only one in town during the Soviet era), as well as clothes fitting. I loved the clothes fittings, as I could sit on the turn-table and swirl myself around and around. My mum still has a pay sheet for me from 1979!! That was long before I turned into a spotty teenager with thick glasses obviously..

#2 I've got a very selective memory for phone numbers. I can tell you the number of my Danish host family in sleep (I was an exchange student there in 1992/1993). Yet I cannot tell you my boyfriend K.'s or my mum's phone number (they're safely stored in my mobile as well as diary). I know my dad's and sister's by heart, however. Cannot explain it myself..

#3 I'm what you call 'upwardly mobile'. Both my parents went to a vocational school - my dad trained as a merchant sailor and my mum as a seamstress (nowadays, my dad works as a pilot in Tallinn harbour and my mum works at the City Registry). I've got a BA in Sociology, MSc in Nationalism Studies and PhD in Sociology. My parents are very proud of me. One of my grandmothers, however, was worried that I'd stay a spinster as nobody would want such an over-educated wife. Luckily, K. doesn't seem to mind:)

#4 I've lived abroad for a long time - one year in Svendborg, Denmark from the age of 18, and seven years in Edinburgh, Scotland (ages 24-25 and again 26-32). That's one quarter of my life!! I'm very happy to be back at home in Estonia now, however..

#5 I don't drive, as I'm a wee bit afraid of it. My dad is a former rally driver (and a very good one at that) as well as a driving instructor (that was after quitting the seas after my sister was born); my sister happily goes go-karting and racing (despite surviving a very bad car accident at the age of 18). I reluctantly got my driving licence at the age of 26, and since then have only sat behind the wheel twice - on suburban roads. We're currently in the process of buying a new car for me. That means I find a car I like, K. test-drives it and asks all the necessary questions, while I sit next to him on the passenger seat. I guess I need to talk to my dad about taking some driving lessons before I actually hit the roads in a few months..

That's enough, I think - there are some details I better keep to myself:)

I'd love to read what my georgaphically close bloggers have to share, so I'm tagging Anne (done!), Dagmar, Clivia (done!), Antti, Zarah Maria and Deinin (done!) (participation is strictly optional, obviously).

* UPDATE 7.3.2007 - I rather embarrassingly only realised, that Michelle had tagged me for this meme already on New Year's Eve, but I must have overlooked this back then. Sorry, Michelle!


Rachael Narins said...

Im glad times have changed and your Grandmother was wrong! :-)

I love learning more aobut people, this was great!

Anonymous said...

So much fun to get to read bits of your life. Aren't we all curious? ;-) You could never be too overeducated ahahah!

Anonymous said...

I love getting to know my fellow food bloggers :-)

I will try to do the meme as well :-)

Anne said...

Oh, I loved reading this! I wonder what five things I'll chooose.. hmm.. :)

lobstersquad said...

I loved that. very fascinating. I love all the Estonian images it evokes, the harbour and the roads.
I´m the same with phone numbers, btw. I can tell you my grandparents´, even though they´ve been dead for 20 years, but I don´t know my sisters´. I think mobiles have spoiled us for memory games.

Anonymous said...

I have a horrible memory for numbers of any kind. I don't know what I would do with out # programed into my cell. I think my limited brain cells need to be filled with important things~ like kinds of chocolate.
See you aren't strange after all!

Anonymous said...

Knew most of them I am afraid, but still enjoyed reading every single sentence!

Anonymous said...

So interesting to learn more about you Pille :) Btw, I learned how to drive when I was 29 years old and now I love to get behind the wheel...it's great Pille you just gotta find your groove, and do NOT listen to backseat drivers!

A model! Just like Carmen Kaas! She's Estonian too right? :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

After the endless hours I spend in traffic each week, there are times I wish I didn't drive too! It was fun to learn more about you Pille.

Pille said...

Rachael - I'm glad too:)

Bea - I guess I'm more curious than I'd like to admit:) It was fun to read that you had been a skiing instructor - I kept thinking of that when tackling those slopes in Italy last week!

Dagmar - oh, please do! Cannot wait to read your response.

Anne - same here - very much looking forward to reading what you've come up with!

Ximena - nice to know I'm not the only one with selective phone number memory! And yes, you're right - the convenience of mobile phones has a role in our forgetfulness..

Sandi - it seems to be mainly phone numbers in my case. I once managed to convince the phone company in Edinburgh to give me a very easy number, telling them my brain was full of other important information (the number was 467 4678 - hey, I remembered it! Sadly, I only stayed in that flat for 6 months)

Thanasis - glad to hear you weren't bored:)

Joey - I've still got a few friends who don't drive - as well as my Mum - so I don't feel too bad. I guess as long as I'll get a cool car, I'll find my groove and will be fine:)
And yes, Carmen Kass (as well as Tiiu Kuik) is Estonian:) And they are proper models, not pre-school ones:)

Susan - I'm sure I'll think like that, too:) Currently I really enjoy the system, where my bf drops me off at work in the morning and picks me up again in the evening. But he's travelling on business a lot, and will soon move his office to a less convenient (for me:) location, and I also need more freedom in visiting my friends and family elsewhere in town. If we'd live centrally, I wouldn't even consider my own car, I think..