Friday, October 10, 2008

Baked apples with crispy rye bread and lingonberries

Some desserts are so simple, that it's hard to call them recipes and it's difficult to decide whether to blog about them or not. But then you did seem to like my oven-baked toffee apples a lot, and that hardly qualifies as a difficult dish. So here's another one for you. The only difficult part can be sourcing the rye bread crumbs - but you can always take couple of slices of stale rye bread (caraway seeds and all), and blitz them into fine crumbs in your food processor. As for lingonberries - I bet cranberries, which are far more easily available, would work just as well.

Baked Apples with Rye Bread and Lingonberries
Serves 4

For rye bread mixture:
200 ml (a scant cup) of fine and dry rye bread crumbs
50 g butter, melted
4 Tbsp caster sugar

For the fruit mixture:

4-5 cooking apples, (peeled and), cored and sliced
200 ml (a scant cup) lingonberries

For serving:
vanilla custard or ice cream or whipped cream

Butter a small oven dish (ca 24x30 cm)
Mix the melted butter, rye bread crumbs and sugar.
Layer the apple slices in the oven dish, scatter lingonberries on top.
Sprinkle generously with the rye bread mixture.
Bake at a preheated 200 C / 400 F oven for 20-30 minutes, until apples are softened.
Serve with vanilla custard, ice cream or whipped cream.


Ragne said...

eile tegin umbes taolist maiust, maitses tohutult hästi...

Jim Tan said...

LOLX. Nice food.

Unknown said...

It's a known fact that no one is immune to the smell of Cinnamon Apples baking. Irresistible. This baked apple recipe has a crispy crust option, combining cinnamon with the other irresistible force, crunch. Great brunch menu idea.

Guaranteed ROI

Pille said...

Ragne - see oli see Skaane pirukas, eksole?

Jude & Jim Tan - thank you!

Jeanne said...

Wonderful! And for some reason it reminds me of an unlikely dessert that my best friend's Croatian mom used to make also using dark rye bread - I just rememebr it involved a lot of whipped cream :)