Sunday, December 05, 2010

Pädaste moves to the city and becomes NEH

I've blogged about Pädaste, a luxurious manor house/boutique hotel on MUHU island, on Nami-Nami before - back in January 2007, when we spent a romantic winter night there. Since then I've been back for a quick visit couple of times on our way to Saaremaa. We also spent a very charming and delicious two days there back in August - sorry, never got around to blogging about it, but suffice to say that the food blew me away - it was extremely delicious and full of positive surprises.

However, the number of local and international tourists to MUHU island during the winter season drops considerably, and it's simply not financially viable to keep the manor house fully functional throughout the winter. So this season the chefs and staff of the Pädaste restaurant moved to the harbour area of the capital, Tallinn, and opened a charming little restaurant called NEH. They're placed in a little house on Lootsi 4, which also houses a small art gallery:

At the moment the house is surrounded and covered by snow and illuminated by fairylights - the winter came early this year:


K. and I were kindly invited to an opening dinner at NEH last Friday, where we had a chance to explore the venue, peek into the kitchen and enjoy a 4-course meal (amuse bouche, starter. main course and dessert) with matching drinks.

First, we had a chance to explore the ground floor, which has more of a casual feel:

NEH 1. korrus

then the first floor, which feels slightly more cosy and romantic:

NEH 2. korrus

and peek into the kitchen (NB! there's a chef's table for up to 5 guests just opposite the kitchen):

NEH köök

The meal we were served was delicious and we're certainly hoping to go again with friends very soon. For the first course we enjoyed a 62 C free-range egg with spiced Baltic sprats and salt-baked potatoes.

The main course was a meltingly soft veal's cheek with juniper-seasoned red cabbage and apple and celeriac cream:

The dessert - a custard with bilberry compote, cookie crumbs and thyme ice cream - all very delicious (I especially liked the subtle herbal notes of the ice cream):

(Apologies for not taking any pictures of the food - we were really enjoying chatting to the other couple at our table, Ede & Sten, and simply forgot about the pictures. The restaurant staff has generously allowed us to use some of their photos).

If you are in Tallinn and looking for a place to enjoy a romantic and delicious gourmet meal, then I'd definitely recommend paying NEH a visit. After all, they are only opened till March, when they move back to their real home on Muhu island :)

You can check out the menu options here (price excl. drinks are indicated):
Chef's table
Sunday brunch
drinks/wine list

Lootsi 4
10151 Tallinn
T +372 60 22 222


Puhvis Kukk said...

We had a wonderful dinner there this summer. I only wished they had better wine selection. Nouveau Estonian/Nordic cuisine - just fantastic.

Roxy said...

I will definitely visit! Sounds delicious!

Marika said...

Thanks for sharing-- I didn't know they'd come to Tallinn for the winter! I have to admit that if I were to go there it would be partially for the food and partially in hopes of catching a glimpse of Peeter Pihel :-).