Friday, May 06, 2011

A healthy breakfast for one

Cottage cheese breakfast / Hommikueine kodujuustust

Just wanted to share a neat breakfast idea that I got from the Swedish Allt om Mat magazine - frukostkeso. It was a lovely change from the usual yogurt/cereal/open sandwich type of start to the day. I had to change the recipe a little, as I don't keep two types of linseed at home (the original recipe included both whole and ground linseed), I omitted the sunflower seeds and added a drizzle of agave nectar, one of my favourite sweeteners.

Cottage Cheese Breakfast
(Hommikune kodujuust)
Serves one

200 g cottage cheese (I used 4%)
1 Tbsp flax seeds/linseeds
a good drizzle of agave nectar
handful of strawberries, quartered
sliced almonds or coarsely chopped hazelnuts (I used almonds)

Take your brekkie bowl, spoon cottage cheese into the bowl. Sprinkle with flax seeds and drizzle with agave nectar. Place strawberries on top, sprinkle with nuts and serve :)


appliance part said...

its strawbbery...... yummmmmmmyyyyy.... my favorite... i will definetely try this at home next weekend.

Alec Macph said...

I found your blog when looking for how to deal with bishops' weed... I never would have considered eating it! Tonight I hate a rice dish with it and nettles, calling it "gardener's revenge".

As for this post, surely linseeds need to be roasted or cracked in the teeth first? Mixing 'em with cottage cheese would simply result in it being flushed through your gut.

ChichaJo said...

This sounds like an awesome breakfast idea! I love cottage cheese so this makes perfect sense to me :)

submit party said...

its reallly a good breakfast, and straberries adds more flavour and taste in it.

Katarina said...

Hi, I just found your blog and love your recipes! Have a great day!