Friday, June 15, 2012

7-year itch? Nami-Nami food blog anniversary post and a recipe for a Swedish shrimp salad (Räksallad)

Rootsi krevetisalat / Swedish shrimp salad / Räksallad
Nami-Nami foodblog is now seven years old. On June 15, 2005, I wrote my first English-language blog post. Back then I was seven years younger. I had just finished my PhD in Sociology of Nationalism at the University of Edinburgh in bonnie Scotland, and about to start my first post-doctoral fellowship at the same university. I hadn't yet met my dear K, who seduced me back to Estonia in October following year (I met in him on November 1, 2005, four and half months after starting blogging, at a reception in Edinburgh), and I definitely didn't have any gorgeous kids back then (and, consequently, I had much more time for blogging :))

Those seven years have been fun - it's been fun meeting other foodbloggers from all over the world, it's been fun taking part in various foodblogging events. It's been educating and entertaining thinking more about what, how, and why we eat, being more reflexive about our dietary choices, eating habits and the food culture in general.

And nope, there's definitely no seven-year itch in my relationship to Nami-Nami foodblog. We're still going strong, and I have no intention of quitting just yet. Furthermore, there are some extremely interesting blogging-related trips and meet-ups lined up for the near future, so stay with me and Nami-Nami :)

For today's recipe, I'll give you this Swedish shrimp salad, something that was offer on the recent Swedish buffet. Although I do cook and blog about dishes from all over the world, then I do feel most happy and confident when blogging about Estonian, other Nordic and possibly also Eastern European dishes. This is a very Nordic salad flavour-wise - fresh, herbal, light and very summery. You can serve it as a simple salad or perhaps on top of some buttered toast.

Swedish shrimp salad
Serves six (can be easily multiplied)
400-500 g hand-peeled cooked shrimps*
100 ml (7 level Tbsp) of good-quality mayonnaise
100 ml finely chopped fresh dill
juice of half a lemon
1 tsp mild paprika powder
0.25 tsp freshly ground pepper (preferably white pepper)

* I prefer the ones in a light marinade or brine to the frozen ones, but both will do. Just make sure the netto weight after defrosting and draining is about 400 g.

If using frozen shrimps, then thoroughly defrost them (I take them from the freezer and put into the fridge on the previous night). Drain thoroughly, then squeeze gently to remove as much water as possible. If using shrimps in a brine/marinade, then simply drain them.
Put couple of shrimps on the side, if you want to use them for garnish.
In a large bowl, mix mayonnaise and dill, season with lemon juice, paprika powder and pepper. Add the shrimps and stir gently, until combined.
Transfer the salad into a serving bowl, garnish with some shrimps and dill.

Serve at once, or cover with clingfilm and place into the fridge for an hour or two.


K and S said...

happy blog anniversary! looking forward to more of your adventures!

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Roxy said...

Happy anniversary!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Congratulations on seven years! I have learned so much about Estonian cooking from reading your blog and trying the recipes. You've added richness to my cooking repertoire many times over.

Kalyn Denny said...

Congratulations on seven years of blogging (not to mention a great husband and two adorable kids!) I still remember when you were blogging from Scotland (with the black background on the blog!) Hope we will get to meet in person someday. Shrimp salad, yes please!

ScienceMel said...

Congratulations on seven years of yummy content. Looking forward to more recipies!

BlueisCoool said...

This looks delicious.

Barbara said...

Congratulations on seven years Pille. You have done so much in the seven years. A husband and two children is wonderful.

Otehlia said...

congrats! and a great celebration recipe-simple, summery and tasty.

ChichaJo said...

Happy blog anniversary Pille! So happy to see you still going strong! :) Looking forward to the years to come!!

This shrimp salad sounds amazing...I want some! :)

Minna said...

Tere Pille ja palju õnne! (Sorry my Estonian shamefully ends there) I am quite new to the blogging scene, trying to find my favorites and browsing. I really find your blog interesting as Estonia is one of the places I love to visit, and would like to see more of it. I'll definate keep your recommendations of restaurants in mind for my next visit :)

Jael said...

I love räksallad! And what delicous Swedish things you have in your previous post:)
Happe 7th blog anniversary;it is really a long time in the blog world!
And hopefully it wont be too hot during your food trip here in Tel Aviv...

love cooking said...

This looks so great. Love it. This shrimp salad probably a very good filling for a tortilla wrap. :)

Unknown said...

I like all information that you provide in your articles.

Excel-Macros said...

happy anniversary n congo

Katie Zeller said...

7 years.... Happy Blogiversary! I've been reading since (almost) the beginning... Yes, lots of changes (in all of our lives LOL)
Love the salad!

Alanna Kellogg said...

Happy Blog Anniversary, dear Pille! How easy it would be to sit myself down at your table, to eat, to talk, to laugh ... may there be many more!