Thursday, September 12, 2013

Green smoothie recipe

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Recipe by Pille @ Nami-NamiAbove photo by Juta Kübarsepp for the September 2013 issue of Kodu ja Aed ("Home and Garden", an Estonian monthly magazine. I've been their food writer since October 2012)

Here's a recipe for a healthy and delicious pick-me-up smoothie for those days that kids have been driving you crazy, the to-do-list doesn't seem to get any shorter however hard you try, and you simply have no time to cook anything decent for yourself. It's the matter of peeling three fruits and throwing them into the blender (and rinsing the blender afterwards). I'll find time for that any day :)

The green smoothie - if the name didn't give it away already - is the one third from the left on the above photo. Feel free to guess what the other three are ;)

Green smoothie
(Roheline smuuti)
Serves 2

2 kiwis
1 banana
1 avocado
200 ml orange juice*

Peel the banana, kiwis and avocado. Place the flesh into your blender. Add the orange juice and process till smooth. Serve at once.

If you want your smoothie thinner, then add more orange juice, ice or ice-cold water.

* Ideally freshly squeezed, but any good-quality bottled juice will work as well.


Fredrick said...

I want to try this recipe thanks for sharing with us I am having my own American sweets shop so I want to try this recipe at my shop I hope customers just love it....

cowango said...

Would love to know the recipes for the other smoothies in the picture!

Anonymous said...

Loved the smoothie recipe. Sounds yummy! Please post the other smoothie recipes especially the carrot one.
- Joyce