Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chia, banana and coconut pudding recipe

Banana and chia coconut pudding. Banaani-kookosepuding chia-seemnetega.

It took me a while to like chia seeds. I was well aware of all the benefits of enjoying some chia seeds every now and then (if you're not, then check out this article over at Huffington Post), but they reminded me of frogspawn and I wasn't really interested. Yet somehow a packet of chia seeds did find a way into my kitchen cupboard recently and I've been adding a serving (2 Tbsp) here and there. And you know what - they still look like frogspawn when mixed with liquid and left to stand for a while - but they taste actually nice and I quite enjoy the texture now.

Today's recipe is for a simple banana, chia and coconut pudding. Many bloggers use almond milk (see a list of similar recipes at the end of this post), but I never have that at home, so I use coconut milk instead. Enjoy this for breakfast, dessert or a quick snack.

You'll need an immersion blender for making this pudding.

Banana, chia and coconut pudding
Serves 1

1 very ripe banana
100 ml coconut milk
2 Tbsp chia seeds
a dash of vanilla extract

Peel the banana, cut into chunks and place into a tall glass or jug. Add the coconut milk and blent until smooth.
Add the chia seeds, blend for a second, just to distribute the chia seeds evenly. Season to taste with vanilla.
Leave to stand for an hour, so the chia seeds can suck in some of the coconut milk.
Serve with a small spoon.

Banana and chia coconut pudding. Banaani-kookosepuding chia-seemnetega.

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tanita✿davis said...

Pille, only because I trust you will I even think about this frog-spawn looking chia seed. I have RESISTED this one, with all my might. I don't even like Boba Milk Tea, with its caviar-like tapioca pearls - so gloopy chia was well out! But, I've also read that it's quite healthy, so...

*plugs nose, takes plunge*

Pille said...

:D :D Tanita, I did try the simplest version first (coconut milk + chia seeds) and that was far too stiff and cloying and plain. But adding fruit - either banana or something tarter, like raspberries, and a generous dash of vanilla, makes it a wholly different thing. Also, I think I use more liquid per 2 Tbsp than many other cooks - I don't like it too stiff.

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Food From My Childhood said...

This looks amazing! Got to give it a go! Mia x