Monday, April 03, 2006

Meeting the London foodies @ Anchor & Hope

Although most foodbloggers write about food - that's why we're called foodbloggers - the posts also give an insight into the person behind the delicious recipes and wonderful photography. I, for sure, feel that I "know" some of the foodbloggers whose writings I read more regularly and frequently, even if I've never met them. Nevertheless, sometimes it's nice to meet the "real" person behind the blog. Living in the same town as Melissa of The Traveler's Lunchbox has meant that I've been priviliged enough to meet her on more than one occasion. Last week in London I had a chance to meet some London-based foodbloggers as well. Andrew of Spittoon Extra had kindly organised a small* meet up at Anchor & Hope - a lovely gastro-pub close to Waterloo & Southwark stations. I was somewhat intimidated about meeting such a large group of London foodies who all knew each other from before, but they turned out to be a lovely and very friendly bunch of people who made me feel very welcome that night:)

Here we are (from left to right): me, Jenni of Pertelote (whose utterly delicious chickpea & tuna salad features on my buffet table regularly), Andrew (who very kindly organised the whole event), Christina of The Thorngrove Table (a new blog to me), Jeanne of somewhat naughtily named Cook Sister! (I've been talking to my South African friends, Jeanne:) and Johanna of The Passionate Cook (whom I've been looking forward to meet since I received her wonderful foodie parcel as part of the EBBP and who this time brought me a bottle of Austrian blackcurrant schnapps!).

Both Andrew and Christina have already written about the delicious offerings at the gastropub, so I won't go into too much detail here. The food was interesting and delicious (you don't often find hare, boar, giblets, lamb's tongue, duck confit etc on the same menu, do you), the atmosphere was very cosy and warm, and both the pub (where we met) and the restaurant (which doesn't take bookings, so turn up early) were very busy all Tuesday night. We drank wine - served in little tumblers - chosen by our resident wine buff Andrew (who blogs about wine over at his other blog, Spittoon), and chose a wide range of dishes from the menu that changes daily. I had roasted Italian greens and spring onions with goat curd toast - a lovely combination of textures and flavours, followed by a really delectable alcohol-infused panna cotta with roasted rhubarb. And of course we spoke about food - among other topics, that is:)

Thank you again Jenni, Jeanne, Christina, Johanna and Andrew for your warm welcome!

I liked the place well enough to actually go back on Saturday night for a quick meal before seeing Resurrection Blues at the Old Vic - a three-minute walk away. This time I had a pork and herb terrine with cornichons, whereas my friend opted for roasted beetroot and lamb tongue salad, with a side dish of potatoes. Most interesting, and we were both very pleased with the meal. No pictures, however, as we were seated at a shared table and I didn't want to scare the other two couples behind the table! (And no, we didn't mind sharing the table, as we were speaking our own little secret Estonian language:)

* Andrew insisted that it's going to be a small casual affair, just him, Jeanne, Johanna and me. However, when Keiko left a comment on my blog that she cannot make it (which was a pity, as I'm a great fan of her Nordljus blog), I knew Andrew was just being cheeky!

Anchor & Hope
36 The Cut
London SE1 8LP
Tel 020 7928 9898 (no bookings though!)


Kalyn said...

How fun. You're lucky to be so close to so many bloggers.

Andrew said...

Ok so it wasn't THAT small :-) but it was relaxed and informal; you should see us when we go smart!

Let us know the next time you are in town and we can do it all again.

bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

Ah nice. It must have been fun indeed! Wish the world were a smaller place!

Anne said...

Sounds great! :)

Pamela said...

Sound's like a great time was had by all!

Jeanne said...

Hi Pille

It was so lovely to finally meet you! And as Andrew says you certainly should see us when we pull out all the stops!! ;-) Not sure what the naughty koeksuster reference is meant to be - "kloosterkoek" maybe, but I never thought of koeksuster as particularly risque?? Maybe I just had a very sheltered childhood :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pille - I'm glad you had a wonderful time with 'them' :) I promiss I'll join next time! keiko x

paz said...

Looks like you had a nice time!


Pille said...

Kalyn - believe me, living in Edinburgh feels like living on another planet sometimes - London is actually quite far away:)

Andrew - you're right, it was relaxed and cosy. Curious about you all "going smart" now - you mean like all posh and dressed up? Maybe next time then:)

Beatrice - it was. And yes, if world was smaller, I could pop to London (and more importantly, home) far more often than I currently do.

Anne - having met some of these lovely people yourself last year, you know it'd be great.

Pamela - please do read Andrew's and Christina's roundups as well - they give much better description of the food.

Jeanne - I hope I'll have a chance to see when you pull out all the stops:) Re: koeksuster - maybe it's my friend who has a naughty mind. I'll double-check with her..

Keiko - looking forward to meeting you next time!

Paz - we did indeed, thanks!

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