Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pineapple Cake with Cocoa Frosting

Fancy a lactose-free and fat-free cake that's a little bit more interesting than the simple eggs-sugar-flour sponge cake? Well, this might be the answer. There's a large tin of canned pineapple in the cake, which makes it more moist and rich, so it feels like it's made with at least some butter. I must admit I couldn't taste the pineapple in the cake, not even a little, but I still liked the cake. It's covered with a simple cocoa powder glaze, but you could use some of the pineapple syrup from the can to make a white glaze instead..

Pineapple Cake with Cocoa Glaze
(Ananassikook kakaoglasuuriga)
Cuts into 12 slices

3 large eggs
200 g caster sugar
225 g plain/all-purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
350 g canned crushed pineapple (drained weight, that's one large 580 g can)

150 ml icing sugar
1 Tbsp cocoa powder
2-3 Tbsp water

Drain the canned pineapple, blend the pulp into until smooth.
Whisk the eggs and sugar until thick, pale and foamy. Gently fold in the flour, baking powder and pineapple.
Pour into a buttered or lined 22 cm cake tin.
Bake in the middle of a pre-heated 200 C oven for about 45 minutes, until the cake is risen and light golden (test for doneness with a wooden toothpick).
Take out of the oven and leave to cool in the cake tin for 10 minutes; then trasnfer onto a wire rack to cool completely.

For the glaze, mix all ingredients and smear over the cooled cake.


Ragne said...

oi see glasuur näeb nii isuäratav välja!

Nicole said...

Very nice! Wonderful presentation.

Dimah said...

Looks super yummy!

Dani said...

i just recently found out i need to remove lactose from my diet, so thanks for sharing this great looking recipe :) said...

Well, I wouldn't call it fat-free with those eggs in there, but I love the idea of mixing chocolate with pineapple nonetheless.

Now if only we made this at school one day instead of chicken (I'm a culinary school student). Baking can be such fun.


thepassionatecook said...

wow pille, how great of you to participate! i love the look of your cake, definitely!
i need to make my entry tomorrow, starting tonight actually... a bit of overnight resting required. curious? no clues here - some patience required, but you'll love it! xx

Pille said...

Ragne, aitäh!

Nicole, Dimah, Dani - thank you.

CookingSchoolConfidential - you're of course right, but there's no ADDED fat there :)

Johanna - great combination of pork and pineapple on your side! :)

Andrew said...

aaah cake - you know me and cake!

Thanks for joining in.

Sam said...

What a great looking! Lovely presentation! Pineapple Cake looks beautiful and delicious. That looks really yummy. Can't wait to see your posting. Will try it out soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

Susan and Abraham said...

looks yummy.. susan

ling said...

wow! the layer of chocolate looks yummy! i wanna try this cake!!