Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I love our new citrus juicer

Our KitchenAid stand mixer is still my favourite kitchen gadget, but the recently acquired Philips food processor has a very efficient citrus juicer attached. So apart from drinking copious amounts of freshly collected birch sap, we're also drinking lots of freshly squeezed orange juice..


Nicole said...

I bought one of those when I was staying with friends in Florida one winter. They had a grapefruit tree in their yard. I absolutely loved the thing. I left it with them when I left as we don't see too many citrus trees here in Alaska!!

Anonymous said...

Mis vidinaga tegemist on siis? Kas linki ei saaks anda palun!

Rachael said...

That is such a lovely picture! Enjoy the juicer! (Though...I guess it's a bit silly to point out now...but there is an attachment for your kitchen-aid that does that too! LOL.)


Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Everyone is talking about their kitchen aid right now; I have one too, I'm pleased to say, and am always happy to learn more tips!

Bea said...

Hi, can I ask you if it's this one?

Thanks a lot :)

Pille said...

Nicole - well, sadly I cannot use locally-grown citrus fruit either :D

Anon. - Philipsi köögikombain HR7775/00 - ostsime eelkõige riivide paljususe ja mahlapressi pärast. Ostsime Ülemiste Euronicsi poest.

Rachael - thank you :) PS I knew KA had a citrus juicer attachment, but we bought the new machine mainly because of the juicer (i.e. so I could make fresh carrot/apple/beetroot etc juice) and the vegetable grater.

Scott - still love my KitchenAid, I must admit :)

Bea - yes, that's the one!

Bea said...

Thanks a lot! I'm thinking about by something like that and I still don't know if I should buy a Philips, a Kenwood or only sometthing like this for ex. :

(sorry for my English, I know that it's not good at all ;) )

Juicer Lover said...

Yes, juicers are great if you have access to citrus fruit. Which, granted, would be pretty hard to get in Alaska. Nevertheless, fresh juice, even from fruit bought in a store tastes great and is nutritious.

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