Friday, May 22, 2009

Kefir or Buttermilk Pudding with Jam

Kephir and raspberry jelly / Keefiritarretis vaarikamoosiga

Here's a delicious pudding I made last November. We use lots of dairy products in Estonia, and drink copious amounts of milk, buttermilk, kefir (and that includes adults). We also eat lots of dairy-based desserts. So it's not surprising that I think of thissimple pudding made with kefir or buttermilk as typically Estonian. For a moment I thought of blogging about it back in November - especially as I quite like the photo - but then I decided it's too humble, you see :) 

However, yesterday I saw a very similar recipe over at Elise's great Simply Recipes site - Buttermilk Pudding - so I thought I hop on the buttermilk pudding bandwagon and post my recipe as well (I actually used kefir to make this particular raspberry pudding, but buttermilk would work just as well). My version isn't as creamy and rich as the one over at Simply Recipes, but it is made with delicious (home-made) raspberry jam. Of course, you can use other type of jam, if you don't fancy the raspberry one.

Did you know that kefir is good for you? The friendly bacteria in kefir can aid in lactose digestion as a catalyst, making it more suitable than other dairy products for those who are lactose intolerant. It can also suppress an increase in blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels.

Kefir or buttermilk pudding with raspberry jam
(Keefiritarretis maitsva moosiga)
Serves 4 to 6

500 ml (2 cups) kefir or buttermilk
300 g raspberry jam
6 gelatine leaves
4 Tbsp (1/4 cup) water, heated

Place gelatine leaves into a bowl of cold water and soak for 5 minutes. Heat the 4 Tbsp of water. Squeeze the soaked gelatine leaves lightly, then stir into and dissolve in the heated water.
Mix kefir/buttermilk and jam in a bowl. Pour in the gelatine mixture and stir thoroughly.
Divide the pudding between small dessert glasses or ramekins. 
Cover with clingfilm/plastic wrap and place into the refridgerator for at least 4 hours to set.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A pretty and delicious looking dessert! Refreshing too!



Siri said...

Such a great idea! The kids at the kindergarten I work at drink kefir with their breakfast and lunch everyday- and they never seem to get belly aches.

Looks so nice in those glasses, too!


shadowx said...

That looks ridiculously yummy.


rupiawan said...

Thanks I've tried recipes you. Meraskan my body healthy and I am back in shape.
Hopefully we can reduce levels of cholesterol in the body

Elise said...

Brilliant! I love the idea of adding jam to this pudding. And using kefir instead of buttermilk. So simple and easy.

Pille said...

Rosa - it's not overly sweet, so it's a light and rather refreshing indeed.

Siri - well, kefir is good for your belly, that's why :)

Elise - both kefir and buttermilk would work. And imagine the variety of puddings you can make with various jams!! Thank you so much for commenting..

Shadows & Rupiawan - thank you.

Sam said...

Wow!! What a GREAT looking Buttermilk Pudding! This dish looks so beautiful with the colours. It's a Very tempting and delicious recipe. Can't wait to see your posting, my mouth is watering. Will try it out soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

Derek Miller said...

This looks wonderful!

dhan said...

whether the difference between kefir and yogurt?
Which is better between them?
That looks soo yummy...

Lee said...

When I was last in Talinn I had wonderful breakfast which comprise some kind of cereal with kefir. It was described as "traditional" and it was delicious.

I have never been able to recreat it because I can't find a cereal like it. What is it?

Thanks Lee (UK)

Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

This sounds awesome! I make a lot of kefir at home and I love learning more ways to consume it!

Pille said...

Lee -I bet it was kama in your kefir. I've written several posts about this roasted and ground mixture of grains and peas - you'll find them under the label Estonian cuisine or by using the search function.

Jenn - excellent :)