Saturday, August 27, 2011

Leib: Resto & Aed (Tallinn restaurant review)

I'll be doing a series of photo reviews of various restaurants here and there. 

Photo: Liina Vahter

Leib: resto ja aed (this translates as Bread: restaurant and garden) is probably one of the most atmospheric and stylish outdoor dining areas in Tallinn right now. We've had an exceptionally lovely summer with long, warm, light nights, and not much rain - and I've had the pleasure of spending few evenings at this place. The photos here are taken in late July, when my dear friends Emma & Michael were visiting from Edinburgh and I was keen to show that summers in Estonia can be so much nicer and warmer and drier than they were ever in Scotland :D

Leib was opened earlier this summer, when a group of young food and wine enthusiasts took over the former Scottish Club. There are two guys behind the restaurant - Kristjan Peäske (one of the best sommeliers in Estonia) and Janno Lepik (has worked in London's Babylon and Rhodes WI), and their mission is to serve simple food that's made from best and freshest ingredients and doesn't cost a fortune.

They've done well. The food is excellent and indeed, not over-priced. The service is extremely friendly and confident, the atmosphere really enjoyable. I'm worried a lot of the charm is based on their excellent outdoor seating area, but I do hope the place is just as charming when they move indoors for the cooler months.

Rabbit fritters with red wine mayonnaise:
Leib- Resto & Aed: frititud jäneseliha punaveinimajoneesiga

The bread:
Leib- Resto & Aed: leivavalik + või

Puff pastry tart with rocket/arugula and ricotta cheese:
Leib- Resto & Aed: punasibulapirukas ricotta ja rukolaga

Fish of the day: pan-fried European perch with sautéed vegetables:
Leib- Resto & Aed: praetud ahven maitsvate köögiviljadega

Pan-fried free-range chicken breast (may sound simple, but finding a free-range chicken in Estonia is quite a feat!):
Leib- Resto & Aed: praetud (free-range) kanarind

Strawberry soup with ice cream:
Leib- Resto & Aed: maasikasupp jäätisega

Crème brûlée with rye bread crumbs:
Leib- Resto & Aed: brüleekreem rukkileivakoorikuga

Caramel kissel with blackcurrants and oats:
Leib- Resto & Aed: karamellikissell mustade sõstarde ning kaerahelvestega

On a previous visit I enjoyed a cold clear tomato broth with herbs and curd cheese pudding with crispy rhubarb sauce, grilled lamb's liver. Definitely worth a visit, whether it's just the food or a glass of wine with something light alongisde. You'll find Leib's contact details here.

Eesti lugejatele: Nami-Nami foorumis on Leib: resto ja aed teema siin, nende Facebooki fännilehe leiate siit.


Katherine Martinelli said...

This restaurant sounds so good I wish it was near me! And I'm impressed you were able to take such good photos at dinner, brava!

Roxy said...

Sounds lovely...

Meatloaf said...

That's good review, informative.

Cat Lady said...

Yum yum! Those photos are bringing back lots of nice memories Pille.

Kat said...

Me käisime ka just, mina sõin tallemaksa (mmmmm) ja S sõi lõhet. Magustoiduks creme brulee ja karamellikissell. Kõik peale kisselli oli suurepärane, ei ole jõundud enda pilte veel üles panna.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

That strawberry soup looks delicious.

Alanna Kellogg said...

Wow. Oh wow oh wow. : - )