Thursday, April 04, 2013

How do you take your tea? Russian Revels and their Tea Horse tea

Enjoying the Russian Revels black tea with lemon and cloves

Although I like my coffee - a lot - I've been drinking more tea again recently. My tea-loving friends are to blame - first KAFO sent me nine jars of their just t's Black Label No X teas  to try (I'm still in love with their Luxury Earl Grey tea that I used to me those dainty Earl Grey cookies). Then a Tallinn-born and London-based food blogger Katrina of The Gastronomical Me mentioned that she and her food-loving friend Karina have created a tea blend.

Tea blend? I knew that film stars, singers, models and such like always end up creating their own perfume, but apparently that's so old-fashioned. Nowadays you blend your own tea :D

Karina and Katrina together run a supper club in London, called The Russian Revels, hosting Russian feasts with Slavic generosity, Soviet attitude and British humour. These two Russians joined forces with London-based tea club Tea Horse and  came up with their own tea blend, called "Russian Revels". The tea was included in the March 2013 taster box:

"A bright Ceylon Uva black tea is blended with lemon and cloves for a refreshing and lightly spicy infusion. Enjoy black, with a splash of milk or a slice of fresh lemon for an extra citrus zing."

I know I spent seven years in bonnie Scotland, but never got used to drinking tea with milk. Instead I've been enjoying this tea for almost daily now, always with a slice of lemon, like instructed. Lovely - the cloves add a surprisingly mellow, yet distinct flavour - nothing chai-like at all.

If you're based in the UK and if you like your tea, you may want to give the Tea Horse's subscription a go.

Russian Revels & Tea Horse

Disclaimer: I was sent the 75 g packet of tea for free by aforementioned Karina. Thank you!


Katrina @ The Gastronomical Me said...

brilliant. so...what did you think of the tea? we've asked them to put quite a lot of clove, what did you think about that?

I've recently cooked a Georgian pheasant dish with the named tea. Can't say I could taste this very tea:) but there was something smoky about the dish. will try to post soon...

ps love the tea glass. where did you get it?:)

Anonymous said...

Nice post and picture as always. I have the same question about the beautiful tea glass.And I think, I will try the tea subscription, too.

Pille said...

Katrina & Anon. - the beautiful tea glass is from the Finnish Iittala, the series is called Tsaikka and it's designed by the late Timo Sarpaneva:

RE: the taste of tea, Katrina - I was a bit afraid of the "pumpkin spice" clove, but found it surprisingly mellow and not over-powering at all. Very pleasant!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love everything from iittala, but never saw this glass. Best regards, Anja.

Pille said...

Anja, you are most welcome.