Monday, March 03, 2014

It's not pancake day, it's cream bun day ;)

Vastlakuklid 2014
Photo by Juta Kübarsepp for the March issue of Kodu ja Aed magazine. 

It's time for semlor or lenten cream buns again - remember, instead of pancakes, in Estonia and other Nordic countries cream-filled buns are eaten (semlor in Swedish, vastlakuklid in Estonian, laskiaispulla in Finnish). I've got three different recipes here on Nami-Nami, all delicious :)

Recipe for classic lenten buns
Recipe for chocolate lenten buns
Recipe for raspberry and marzipan lenten buns

So, are you having pancakes or cream buns tomorrow? ;)


Anna Ward said...

Pancakes with sugar and lemon! But I would like to try making these buns too. One problem in Germany - whipping cream. The fat content of whipping cream here is a smidgen too low for a nice cream! Making something like pavlova is tricky...nothing worse than watery cream :)

Alanna said...


And said...

Well, Pille, that is something I never knew. My mother made many things, but not cream buns. This would be because proper fresh cream for whipping was very expensive to buy and often hard to find, 40-50 years ago. She used tinned cream a lot but it is not for use in cakes.

As I put on my Facebook post, she made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and used raisins as a substitute for blueberries. Still VERY tasty!

Anonymous said...

Pannkoogid (with whipped cream and fresh berry compote). It seemed easier to make than vastlakuklid.


Isa Bel said...

Looks amazing x x

Jackie said...

Those buns are the cutest! I will definitely be trying these in the future.. :) Love the background of your page by the way.