Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fighting over cheesy feet

I hinted that I'll be writing about cheesy feet again. This is gonna be a very brief post, but I thought it was worth sharing.
I took my recently acquired feet shaped cookie cutters along with me when I went home a fortnight ago. My sister threw her own and her two boys' birthday party in our parents house on the following evening. And I proudly showed off my new cute biscuit cutters to my Mum. As we were busy preparing the traditional Estonian birthday party fare - that means loads of cakes and the obligatory potato salad alongside my dad's grilled meat as well as cold meat and cheese platters - I decided not to start baking any cheese biscuits that night.
But my Mum had another idea - why not cut the cheese into slices and these into feet shapes with my new cutter. That sounded good, as there were quite a few kids at the party and we could see that cheese-feet would probably look appealing to them. And that's how indeed it turned out to be.
However, before we managed to serve the feet-shaped cheese, I had a small "fight" with my Mum. While I was happily slicing and cutting away the cheese, my mum suggested that I could find something else to occupy myself with in the kitchen. "Why don't you go and check that everything is fine with the table outside" she told me. I replied nicely that I was perfectly happy with slicing the cheese and she can do it herself. My Mum repeated her request. And then it dawned upon me. I looked at my Mum and saw this look of envy at her face and I realised that she was keen to get me out of the way, so she could slice and cut the cheese into cute feet shapes herself. I obliged, of course, and found the situation quite hilarious.
Before I left Tallinn on Sunday afternoon, I spotted my Mum cutting slices of rye bread and cheese with my feet-shaped cookie cutters. Apparently couple of her colleagues were due to come to visit on Tuesday night. Which means that there is a group of middle-aged women this very moment at our back garden giggling over feet-shaped bread and cheese. Who would have thought that these cookie cutters prove so versatile and popular:)
Suffice to say that I grabbed the cookie cutters along at the last moment and brought them safely back with me to Edinburgh. I may need them to cheer me up on a cold, dark and rainy autumn night..


eat stuff said...

That is so sweet...lol

Anonymous said...


What a fun story! Those foot-shaped cookie cutters certainly generated a lot of fun attention. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Anonymous said...

P.S. I like the photo of the foot-shaped cheese in the leaf-shaped dished.


Michèle said...

hi Pille, that is so cute! i can imagine feeling the same way as your mom, wanting to get my hands on that cookie cutter. I might have to find some odd shapes myself, it sounds like a fun way to eat a sandwich :)

Pille said...

Paz - the leaf-shaped dish was a present from a dear friend K. It comes in a set of 4, and I really like these plates..
Michele - if you're tempted, then you should buy some odd cookie cutters! And I think I know what to include in my Mum's Christmas hamper already:)