Friday, September 09, 2005

In search of a perfect carrot cake: Sagadi mansion

After a long and leisurely family lunch at Altja, we headed for a dessert some 7 kilometres away. The destination: Estonian National Forest centre at Sagadi manor complex, where the Forest Museum, located in one of the side buildings of the manor also houses a lovely restaurant-café. According to my friend Edith, they do a mean carrot cake at that place.

As we were rather full after our Estonian blood pudding and mash-with-groats lunch, we only ordered what we were looking for - a cup of coffee and a slice of carrot cake.

The coffee was very good, and the cake was tasty and moist, covered with a cream cheese icing and roughly chopped hazelnuts:

I wouldn't go as far as say that this was the best and/or perfect carrot cake - I have few rather tasty versions in my cake repertoir, I must say. But it was definitely tasty, and enjoyed by everyone.

And after a lovely ending to our long and leisurely lunch, we did some shopping in the local handicraft shop. Leaving the shop, we were approached by a quiet old woman, who asked us if we'd like some mushrooms. More specifically, she was wondering whether we'd be kind enough to buy a kilogram of freshly picked chantarelle mushrooms for about £1.50. And how can one say no to such a bargain, especially if I had been dreaming about these mushrooms all day? The rest is history - or should I say - the rest is mushroom sauce and chantarelle quiche?

Sagadi mõisa hotell-restoran
Sagadi küla
Vihula vald 45402
+ 372 325 8888, +372 515 7788


Anonymous said...

I like carrot cake!

So glad that your day ended well for you with the mushroom find --turning into mushroom sauce and chanterelle history! I like happy endings. ;-)

Oh, I have just noticed that you have linked me here. Thank you very much! I'm honored.

Paz (who enjoys learning new words and recipes!)

Anonymous said...

Nice looking carrot cake :-) And nice to connect all your Estonian stories together...Ah, so this is the carrot cake before she encounters the fairy chantarelle godmother! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pille, I like your post - as I always do. In Löla's cookbook I have found some recipes going back to the war, using carrots, beans and other "cheap" veggies to be used instead of nuts, butter and other things to make sure that the cake won't be so dry; and nowadays those are real specialities, though - of course - the recipes have been "updated"...I think Löla would not believe her eyes...kind regards, angelika

Blake said...

Christ, I've never wanted cake so bad.


Pille said...

Paz - thanks - I like happy endings, too!

Joey - well, I am trying to connect them, as that's how I see them:)

Angelika - it's fascinating how food "trends" come and go, isn't it! Hope you will share some of Löla's recipes soon!

Blake - well, I've provided a link to the venue, so you just need to board the next plane to Tallinn, and head eastwards:)