Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tallinn Café Scene: Cafe Peterson

I'm continuing my overview of various cafés in my home town, Tallinn. Cafe Peterson was close to Tallinn University, where I attended a symposium and summer school back in August. Maybe that explains why most of the time it was full of bohemian university types, many of them English-speaking. The building it's in is one of those big ugly office blocks, but I didn't let myself disturb by it, and I am happy I popped in.

It's light and airy, and has a Parisian feel to it. Although, having never been to Paris, I cannot be sure, but that's how I imagine the cafés to be like.

There's a morning menu (delicious yeast pastries, and even porridge of the day between 9-11am) and afternoon à la carte menu. There's a wide range of teas and coffees as well.

I stopped there both for few quick breakfasts, as well as lunch with fellow symposium attendees, and a weekend lunch with my Mum and auntie Helgi few days later. I especially enjoyed their blue cheese and ham quiche (had it twice;), whereas my Mum had a tasty and substantial salmon soup for lunch.

Here's a picture of my typical breakfast: a milky coffee and a cinnamon roll. Mmmm. And while enjoying the breakfast, I was catching up with Estonian women's glossy magazines. The cover story in this particular magazine was about a very beautiful and very talented young jazz singer Helin-Mari Arder whom I have the pleasure to know:)

Cafe Peterson
Narva mnt 15
Open: Monday-Friday 8am-11pm, Saturday 10am-11pm, Sunday 10am-10pm


Anonymous said...

Lovely looking cafe Pille! I wish I had these recommendations when I visited Tallin! We saw mostly the more "tourist-y" stuff...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pille,

It's definitely good to know about places like this!


Pille said...

Hi Joey - oh wow - when did you visit Tallinn? I hope you liked it - and yes, I always prefer recommendations from locals, because it's easy to go for too touristy places when visiting as a tourist. Has happened to me, believe me:(

Paz - well, you know now where to come looking for food related recommendations when you ever plan to visit Tallinn:)

Anonymous said...


I'm very much interested in visitng Tallinn, now! Thanks to your wonderful posts.