Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Edinburgh International Book Festival for foodies

If anyone is - or is planning a trip to - Edinburgh in August, then there are couple of events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival that might be of interest. The festival takes place from 12-18 August @ Charlotte Square Gardens. In addition to talks by distinguished speakers like Francis Fukuyama, James Naughtie, Alexander McCall Smith, David Lodge, Melvyn Bragg, Steve Bell, Tony Benn, James Meek, Mark Haddon, Seamus Heaney, Loz Lochhead, Alexei Sayle and many many others, there are also events that should please a foodie:

Saturday 12 August 2006, 2 pm - Sue Lawrence
"A literally mouth-watering treat as award-winning food writer and master chef Sue Lawrence takes us on A Cook's Tour of Scotland - explaining and showing some of the regional specialities which define different corners of our nation."
£ 7.00 (conc. £ 5.00)

Sunday 13 August 2006, 2 pm - Joanna Blythman
"Are we in the grip of a growing food illiteracy? Britain seems obsessed by food - TV chefs, latest diets - yet we consume vast amounts of junk food and seem to neither know nor care about true quality. Award-winning journalist Joanna Blythman takes a witty tour through Bad Food Britain."
£ 7.00 (conc. £ 5.00)

Monday 21 August 2006, 7 pm - David Wishart
"Whisky, Scotland's water of life itself, is analysed, classified, explained and above all enjoyed by Dr David Wishart in a comprehensive survey of the complex glories of single malt. Why do whiskies taste so different? How to describe them? Where are the distilleries and why are they there? All this and more in a fascinating talk for novice and connoisseur alike."
£ 8.00 (conc. £ 6.00)

Monday 21 August 2006, 8 pm - Whisky tasting
"A tutored tasting with Highland Park taking you through the different characters of their fine whiskies from the Orkney Islands. In the world of single malts, there are few other brands so consistently lauded - a unique tasting experience."
Sponsored by Highland Park
£ 8.00 (conc. £ 6.00)

Tuesday 22 August 2006, 8 pm - Hugh Johnson
"World renowned wine expert Hugh Johnson comes to the festival, bringing all his vast knowledge of the unique pleasures of wine. Telling of his own lifelong passion, he educates and entertains with the culture, history, variety and sheer enjoyment of wine."
£ 8.00 (conc. £ 6.00)

Friday 25 August 2006, 3 pm - Claudia Roden
"Stories, memories and whole societies unfold as the incomparable Claudia Roden reveals culinary traditions. The renowned food writer does far more than introduce us to new and exotic dishes. Arabesque provides potent insight into the cuisine but also the history and daily lives of Turkey, Morocco and the Lebanon."
£ 7.00 (conc. £ 5.00)

Saturday 26 August 2006, 2.30 pm - Kathryn Hughes
"Mrs Beeton bestrode an age. The Book of Household Management defined manners, cleanliness and cooking in the Victorian era - yet she herself was not the matron of legend and died aged only 28 (possibly due to bad hygiene). Kathryn Hughes has written a masterly account of her fascinating life and times. "
£ 7.00 (conc. £ 5.00)

Saturday 26 August 2006, 5.00 pm - Shirley Spear
The Three Chimneys on the island of Skye is one of the world's finest restaurants, serving stunning food in a spectacularly beautiful location. Shirley Spear and her husband created it all with their own hard work, ambition and vision. Come and hear her stories."
£ 7.00 (conc. £ 5.00)


Anonymous said...

wow... this is such a great time of year to be living in scotland :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Pille, are you going to any of these events? I've got a ticket for Claudia Roden - let me know if you're going too!

Anonymous said...

Just lugesin ... millised huvitavad loengud. Kas sa lähed
kuulama Claudia Rodenit? Läheks koos, äkki saad mulle ka pileti osta ja siis kui kohtume, maksan sulle?

Anonymous said...

Pille, this sounds great - I might even consider to go up there (possibly on motorbike :)) I'm tempted by Claudia Roden as is Melissa, Sue Lawrence sounds good too.

amyjames said...

Aaaah! Everything is selling out so quickly!

I'd love to go to hear Claudia Roden, and also Shirley Spear (who is living my dream life - how rude!), but everything seems to be timed for people with very flexible working hours.

Maybe I'll have to take a week off after all . . .

Pille said...

Shauny - I know! Very expensive, too, though:)

Melissa - I've already got a ticket to hear Claudia Roden, and will probably go and see Sue Lawrence and Shirley Spear, too.

Ingrid - pilet ostetud!

Keiko - it would be great to see you here - especially as we don't seem to be able to meet each other in London area:) You should book a ticket asap, though - they're selling fast.

Amyjames - never thought of the festival being non-working-hours friendly. I guess being an academic, my working hours are pretty flexible indeed:) Maybe you can pop out for a long lunch break?