Saturday, June 17, 2006

Vacation alert 2006:1 - Greece

There are still of lots of food-related Paris memories to share, recipes to try and dishes to report about. But not now. I've been rather busy at work the last few weeks, and tomorrow morning I'll go on a well-deserved short break. My Edinburgh friends Annemieke & Georgios have decided to tie their knot on Santorini and I've been invited. On Sunday morning I'll fly to Greece and will be enjoying the scorching sun & blue sea & burning sand for a week. I'll start in Athens, then visit my dear friend Anna and her family in Volos for a few days, then attend the wedding in Santorini before returning to Athens. I've been both to Athens and Santorini before, whereas Volos will be on my itinerary for the first time. Suffice to say that I'm very much looking forward to the trip!

But first stop - London. Johanna and Jeanne - both of whom I had a pleasure of meeting in London back in March - are celebrating their foodblogs' second birthdays - both of them*. There is going to be foodblog birthday party. Johanna has promised 'a merry get-together with crates of pink bubbly, baskets of strawberries dunked in white chocolate and platters of divine finger food'. How can a girl resist such an invitation!!!

So I'll be out of town - and not blogging - for a few days. While I'm gone, may I suggest you go and visit two Athens-based foodblogs. Stevi, who lived in Edinburgh for a few years, blogs over at Bread & Butter - she has written about some very tempting Greek vegetarian dishes that I've been planning to try for a while. Tülin, though originally from Ankara, also lives in Athens, and has a great blog covering a variety of Greek and Turkish dishes, called Domestic Cat. I will be meeting up with both of them while in Greece!

* My little foodblog is having a small anniversary, too. It has just turned one - I began blogging in June 2005 :-) Thank you all for being (t)here - it's been one great and fulfilling year.

PS I just realised that Vacation alert 2006:1 is probably slightly wrong. I've already been to Paris and Amsterdam this year, so it is really 2006:3. Oh well. I wish I had decided to start numbering my vacation alerts earlier:-)


Ilva said...

Pille, vacation vacation vacation, you live alife in luxury! I am green with envy...but I hope you will enjoy yourself and that you will write about it all!

Anne said...

Happy Blog Birthday, dear Pille :) I'm envious - you'll have a great summer travelling around like that! I did hear a little rumor that you might come to Sweden, too, right? :)

Pene said...

Congratulationa, Pille! Have a great time in Greece. I'm envious also. I'll get 3 days in Pärnu in mid-July, & then Erik's brother & wife arrive from Australia for 3 weeks.
Looking forward to seeing your photos. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogging birthday Pille!!!

The party in London sounds like fun!!

Have a great time and enjoy the wedding!!

neil said...

Is it too late for me to switch to education, all those holidays sound wonderful? Happy Blog Birthday to you.

Antti said...

Happy bloggie-bday, and have a brilliant vacation :o)

Anonymous said...

Though I feel like echoing Ilva - ok, ok, ok, I wish you wonderful days full of chatting, laughing and beauty and please give my best regards to all fellow bloggers you meet ;-) And - Happy Blogging Anniversary !

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful holiday[s]! Enjoy.

Happy blog birthday too!

Valentina said...

Have a lovely break PILLE.

Clivia said...

Likewise, likewise! Have a good holiday and congrats on your lovely blog´s birthday!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy!!!! I cannot wait to see and hear your stories and pictures!!! I have Greece on my list!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pille! Hope you have a fantastic holidays :) Happy blog birthday too!

Thredahlia said...

Tõhusat ja põhjalikku puhkust ja meeldivaid elamusi Kreekas!
Ja veelkord aitäh ingveripaki eest!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to your blog! Have a wonderful time and safe trip. Give Tullin my regards!


June said...

A very happy blogday to you Pille - it was lovely to meet you chez Johanna. Hope you had a great time in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated blog anniversary, Pille - I'm sorry I missed you again at Johanna's, hopefully next time. Looking forward to hearing about your Greece trip!

Joycelyn said...

hi pille, happy belated blog birthday! may the year ahead be filled more great food, fabulous cooking, and dreamy sun-drenched vacations ;)

Pille said...

Ilva - but travelling can be tough!!! It took me at least 2 days to recover from my trip to Greece:) And I'm off to Estonia (via Sweden) in less than a fortnight:( Not that I'm complaining, obviously..

Anne - yep, another wedding! I'll be in Stockholm from July 7-9th - it would be nice to meet you and Dagmar for a coffee on Sunday.

Pene - to be brutally honest, I would choose Pärnu over Greece any time during summer. 37C is way too hot for me!

Pamela, thank you! The London party was very enjoyable, and the wedding was wonderful. I have another 3 weddings to attend this summer, so there will be lots of wedding stories on this blog!

tankeduptaco - thank you for your kind wishes! Not sure education is the ideal field - yes, we get to sleep in the mornings and long holidays, but the salaries aren't exactly high. Still, I enjoy it:)

Antti - kiitos! How was Pärnu?

Angelika - it was mostly sunbathing, swimming and doing sudoku's under the umbrella:)

Mae - thank you!

Clivia - thanks! And your blog will be one in just a few months, too!

Bea - Greece is definitely worth a visit, though maybe not during summer months:)

Joey - nice to see you blogging again! Thank you for your kind wishes!

Thredahlia - ei ole tänu väärt, mul hea meel, et sain aidata. Aitäh õnnesoovide eest!

Paz - thanks! Sadly, I didn't manage to meet up with Tülin, our schedules weren't compatible:( But I did meet Stevi of Bread & Butter!

June - and it was lovely meeting you at Johanna's place!

Keiko - I really hope there will be another time - or then you do have to come to Tallinn and check out some of the places Il Forno and I have been writing about!

J - thank you for your lovely wishes! And congratulations on your fabulous blog's 1-year anniversary, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday! To more great food adventures. And enjoy Greece. Lucky you! ;-)