Monday, October 09, 2006

Vacation memories: Dining on Santorini

I've already praised the breakfasts with wonderful views that I had a pleasure of enjoying on Santorini. But it wasn't just the breakfast that was noteworthy, the food in general was great. There was the wedding feast, of course, but I also had tasty Greek food in small restaurants on the island. I wish I had been able to eat at Selene (above), as its menu, focusing on local ingredients and modern takes on traditional dishes ('Favaballs stuffed with caper and tomato' and 'Baked mackerel with caperleaves and tomato wrapped in crepe of fava' especially tempted by tastebuds), but I guess I must wait for my professorship first :)

Still, there was great food to be had on the island. Here are some of the pictures I took.

Santorini at night, June 2006

You've probably all heard of Horiatiki, or the so-called Greek salad that appears under various disguises across the world (do you use lettuce as in an American Greek salad or not? Green or black olives? Red or yellow onions? etc.) Santorini salad is quite similar to its 'Greek' mother, but it uses local tomatinas, Chloro cheese, local capers and lettuce leaves.

We ate this fava in a small restaurant at the centre of Fira. Not bad, not bad at all, but my yellow split pea 'fava' tasted nicer (yellow split peas, as opposed to fava beans, are the closest substitute for famous fava lentils of Santorini). I bough a packet of real fava lentils, so I'll give this 'fava' dish another go soon and decide which version I like most:)

This roasted aubergine/eggplant dip, melitzanosalata, was wonderfully thick and creamy, with a strong smoky flavour. A clear winner in my eyes.

The famous tomatokeftedes or meatless tomato balls of Santorini. I remembered these from my previous trip, and was pleased to find them at the wedding table. I had also ordered tomatokeftedes at the restaurant on the previous night, but I really loved these plump and juicy specimens at the wedding.

Freshly squeezed watermelon juice, anyone? A truly refreshing treat after a substantial meal. If you fancy making your own, then check out Stevi's instructions. And just like you can enjoy fabulous views on Santorni in the morning, you can do that in the evening - the night-time photo was taken while sipping this watermelon drink.

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Santorini läätsepüree
Santorini tomatikotletid
Kreeka pommusalat


Kalyn Denny said...

It all looks wonderful. Thanks for linking to my American Greek Salad, although I'd much rather come there and have the original than make my own version.

Hedgehog said...

This all looks delicious! I was in northern Greece a few years ago and absolutely loved the food. Thanks for the memories!

Ilva said...

I want to go on a vacation NOW!! Damned you!

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I love Greek food, ever since my first holiday to the Greek isles.

I've visited a few since, and went to Chania in Crete for my honeymoon this year.

The food is so fresh, but with an authenticity that other styles seem to lack.

Anonymous said...

Sigh! I wish I were there again. ;-)) Nice post.


Pille said...

Kalyn - it was wonderful. I think I need to go back myself asap, too:)

Hedgehog - you're welcome.

Ilva - I'm sure it's still gorgeous in Tuscany, your pictures look like out of a holiday album, for sure!

Scott - Greece must be such a wonderful and relaxed honeymoon destination - lucky you!

Paz - soon, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I also stayed for one week in Santorini! It was fantastic. I made a website about the island. It's only in German, i'm sorry. Santorini

Anonymous said...

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