Friday, October 06, 2006

The Mama Who Cooks Likes My Blog

This Mama Cooks! Food Blog of the Week
This Mama Cooks is a US-based blog written by Anne-Marie, and she features her favourite blogs every now and then. A fortnight ago, her blog featured Johanna's wonderful The Passionate Cook, and this week it was my turn. Lucky me:) Go and check out Anne-Marie's blog.

Meanwhile, I'm cooking again:) For my last fornight in Edinburgh, I'm staying with my friends Dianne and Peter and their children Maarja-Liis (8 yrs) and Maarek (12 months). Yesterday I made some yummy salmon and green pea fishcakes (courtesy of BBC Good Food 'Fresh family food' supplement, November 2006), which were a great success with the two oldest 'girls' and the wee boy. I also baked Nigella Lawson's chocolate and cherry cupcakes again (smiling faces all round), and used up the over-ripe bananas for a banana loaf (thankfully I tried a tiny slice late last night myself, as there was none left when I got home today). For today's supper I contributed Greek meatballs (using turkey, as Dianne doesn't eat red meat) and some beef meatballs seasoned with paprika powder, followed by some of the cherry cake.

I simply love hosts who let you loose in their kitchen:)


Hedgehog said...

And everyone loves guests who cook!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky them, to have you around cooking such delicious food!

Pille said...

Hedgehog - I don't know about that - I'm quite possessive of my kitchen myself:) But yes, I guess if I'd have two kids to look after, then I'd appreciate some occasional help with cooking, too.

Clivia - it's been mostly nursery food I've been cooking. Since writing the post, I've also made toad-in-the-hole, which went down a treat:)