Friday, November 24, 2006

SHF#25, for adults only: dark chocolate & matcha truffles

Indeed. Although most kids I've met love chocolate and anything with chocolate, then I doubt if they'd like these. The bitterness of powdered matcha tea would probably be too 'adult' for their tender tastebuds. But then, these are so lovely that I'm not sure I'd want to share them with any kids in the first place:)

These decadently dark and devilishly bitter truffles are my contribution for the latest edition of Sugar High Friday, hosted by wonderful Johanna of the Passionate Cook. She's chosen truffles as a theme. I wanted to use some of the matcha powder my dear Edinburgh friend Ryoko had given me, and inspired by the Mont Fuji cake I enjoyed in Paris in May, I decided to make dark chocolate and matcha ganache truffles, rolled in matcha powder. When you put one of those truffles into your mouth, then first the somewhat bitter, powdery matcha melts onto your tongue, giving way to a sweet and creamy chocolate. Deliciously adult delight indeed.

Dark chocolate & matcha truffles
Adapted from Epicurious

100 ml double cream (I used 38%)
1 Tbsp good-quality butter (slightly salted is fine), chopped
2 tsp matcha powder, plus a lot more for rolling the truffles
100 grams dark chocolate (I used 72% chocolate from the Estonian company, Kalev)

First make the ganache. Heat the cream and butter until almost boiling. Take a spoonful or two of the mixture and stir into the matcha powder. Return this green paste into the hot cream, whisking vigorously, until combined. Remove from the heat.
Add chopped chocolate, and stir until it melts.
Cover and leave to cool in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
Take teaspoonfuls of the set ganache and form into round-ish shapes. Leave to cool in the fridge again for an hour.
Roll in matcha powder, place into small paper cups and keep in a cool place until serving.

These truffles keep up to a week, if kept in the fridge.

UPDATE 29.11.2006: Here is Johanna's round-up - check out all the mouthwatering truffles!


Anonymous said...

these look wonderful!

Brilynn said...

Wow, I would eat them all.

Anonymous said...

Rolling in matcha powder, you're a genius!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow!


Ilva said...

Dear Pille, I have made a truffle especially for you!

thepassionatecook said...

wonderful idea! i have never come across matcha powder actually! i've also seen ilva's dedication of her nutmeg truffles to you - also one of my favourite spices... next time you come, we should roll some truffles together! enjoy copenhagen...

Jeanne said...

Wow Pille - these sound very grown-up indeed! And I love the funky green colour. Thanks for posting such an original recipe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pille,
You have matcha in your ganache and on the outside! I bet that would taste superb!
I made matcha truffles too, except I only used the matcha powder in the ganache, didn't even occur to me to roll them in matcha powder.

Pille said...

Thank you, K & S!

Brilynn - your liqueur truffles are tempting! I haven't got any cassis in my house either, but some lovely local cream liqueur, so I might give them a go!

Nicky, thanks! Did you know that if yo google "Earl Gret Truffles", the original Epicurious recipe shows up first, and D:D a proud third! Rather impressive!

Paz - want one? :)

Ilva - how kind of you! But I'm glad you've discovered the joys of nutmeg.

Johanna - it's the first time I used matcha powder, though I've had matcha tea, matcha cake (from Plaisir du Chocolat) and matcha ice cream previously, all delicious. Thanks for hosting this round of SHF. And I'm sure a day will come when we roll some truffles together:)

Jeanne - I loved the colour as well, the green looks so vivid - and yes, funky - on the dark chocolate!

Illingc - not even sure where I got the idea for rolling them in matcha powder, but I'm sure glad I did:)