Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A vacation alert: Denmark

My adorable new Moomin mug, a present from Emma & Michael who stayed with us last week. Tänan väga!

Although I've only just got back from Edinburgh, I'm already on my way again. I'm leaving my newly-found domestic bliss tomorrow for five days, in order to attend a 3-day workshop in Roskilde, dine with Zarah Maria in Copenhagen and visit my host parents in Svendborg. Denmark, here I come! I spent a wonderful year in Denmark as an exchange student at the tender age of 18. Despite the geographical proximity (map), I haven't been back, unless you count the frequent stopovers at Kastrup airport. I almost went to Copenhagen in early 1998, but sadly ended up having an emergy appendicitis at a hospital instead. Bugger!

There's an ever-increasing backlog of blog posts that I've yet to publish. Here's a sneak preview of what to expect from Nami-nami in the near future:

- my entry for the Sugar High Friday #25
- a recipe for Georgian cheesebread hatchapuri
- a recipe for hundred tiny mushroom pierogis (mentioned here)
- a recipe for my Danish hostmum's ('mor Kirsten') delicious bacon and onion quiche
- two more apple cakes (yes, I know!) - one with a light sponge topping, the other with a toffee and cranberry twist
- one more wedding report - the last one for 2006 (or not, dear EE & MO?)
- two reports from fine restaurants in Tallinn
- a post on making pomegranate molasses
- another post on turning fragrant quinces into delicious membrillo
- a recipe for Chinese lemon chicken

... and that's just the non-complete list of backlog posts. A lot more to come, so please stay tuned. Meanwhile, I'm off. I've got some shopping and packing to do :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to invade you here so directly but getting an alert by "your" Edinburgh could you give me any recommendation - I am planning a trip for long weekend by the end of March and any info regarding suitable sleeping place (connection Airport-Citycentre-Usher Hall) and so on would be very appreciated. In return I can offer the same for my region in the middle heart of Europe:)Prague!Tx in advance
milovnik.caje at seznam.cz

Pene said...

Have a wonderful time in Copenhagen, a place I hope to visit sometime soon.

Alanna Kellogg said...

Oh I just love the Moomies ... I still have a plastic one that the bank gave out, still with a few Finnish coins ... it's a treasure!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I also love the Moomins! I have some of the books, which I think are excellent children's books. I also have a little Moomintroll stuff toy on my bedside table that "gaurds" the books I am reading :)

Have fun in Denmark! Can't wait for the upcoming posts! :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Looking forward to your hatchapuri post :)

Antti said...

I luv Muumi-mugs too :) I must have at least half a dozen different ones myself :P

Anonymous said...

This Moomin mug is SUPER cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those mugs are so lovely, perfect size and perfect to hold. I have one with Mrs Filly-Fjonk which I think she is called in English...? And I plan to buy them all! Say hello to Denmark from me!

Anonymous said...

Very cute mug. Looking forward to your future posts.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and I am at this minute drinking from a moomin mug (not the same design), a present from my father who visited Finland.

Anonymous said...

Ooh lovely Moomin mug - its just like mine which I adore!!

Pille said...

Petr - not sure I'm able to help, as I never stayed in any of the hotels in Edinburgh, and all my visitors stayed on my couch:) There are couple of hotels on Grassmarket, and as March is before the tourist season really begins, then the prices and availability should be fine.

Pene - Copenhagen was lovely! Now that you've been to Stockholm, you need to check out the other Nordic capitals:)

Alanna - and I've only just rediscovered the Moomins. I read the book as a child, but it didn't really impress me. It's my bedtime book at the moment, and I keep chuckling at the witty text. And yes, I use the mug every morning:)

Joey - I'll write about my Danish trip soon - I had a great meal with Zarah Maria of Food & Thoughts, which is definitely worth writing about:)

Melissa - I thought you would:) I had the benefit of using the proper suluguni cheese, too, and was very happy with the result..

Antti - this Talviyö mukki is my first, and even that had to be brought over from Helsinki, as our Stockmann had already run out of them!

Crazy Cooking Camper - welcome to my blog, and glad to hear that there are so many Moomin fans across the world!

Clivia - they're good Finnish design indeed, re: size and holdability;)

Paz - they're on the way! I'm hosting a big housewarming party tomorrow, so there's been some hectic party-planning going on and that has kept me from blogging properly.

Plume - welcome to Nami-nami!

Laughing Snail - lovely indeed:)

Wendy said...

Ooooh, I haven't seen that Moomin mug before. Got five of them so far!

bathmate said...

I liked it.

bathmate said...

Impressive and attractive posting. I enjoyed it. I think others will like it & find it useful for them. Good luck with your work. ;-)