Monday, September 10, 2007

Just a food photo: A perfectly ripe green tomato


Coffee and Vanilla said...

Beautiful!! I have never tried green tomatoes yet... ;)


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

And a hydrangea?

Kalyn Denny said...

I want to grow some type of green tomatoes next year!

Andreea said...

we don't have enouhg of these around here. love them. do you use them in preserves in estonia?

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I had some green tomatoes last year and they were oh so good. Kalyn's right, it would be super to have some in the garden.
Perfect photo with the hydrangea (my favorite)!

David T. Macknet said...

Oh, this SO reminds me of a neighbor we had, when we lived in Sonoma County. He was this old guy (in his 80's), and had lived in the area his entire life. His daughters bought him an Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato plant. At the end of the season, he asked me what I thought was wrong with his tomato, as everything would rot before it ripened. I read the label ... and was quite sorry for him, as he'd lost an entire crop of lovely green tomatoes!

Trig said...

Hi Pille,

Have you tried slicing them, then marinating the slices in cream or buttermilk, dabbing into breadcrumbs and shallow frying in clarified butter? Utter heaven!

Mansi said...

perfect example of how simple things in life can be so beautiful!! and is that white hydranega in the background?? perfect setting!!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We tried them in Sicily last year, but at first we thought they were under ripe tomatoes...being from England, they were very tasty.

Pille said...

Margot - this one was very juicy and tasted like a 'normal' tomato :)

Lydia - hydrangea is from my mum's garden. We always bring back a huge bunch of flowers when visiting my parents - they really brighten up the room (like these).

Kalyn - I'm thinking of having a very colourful tomato greenhouse next year - they'd make such wonderful salads!

Andreea - this was eaten just like 'normal' tomato, i.e. fresh. However, my mum and I sometimes make green tomato chutney, using unripe not-yet-red tomatoes for that (see my blog post and photo here).

Tanna - thank you! I like the way different shades of green play with each other on this photo, too!

Davimack - such a sad, sweet story about your neighbour:) Actually, before I touched the tomato and realised it was soft and ripe, I was wondering why K's mum sent us a unripe tomato, too :)

Trig – nope, I haven’t. Partly because I only was given one specimen :), partly because I think it’s not the type of tomato to use for that. I thought you’d need slightly underripe (read: just not red yet) tomatoes for fried green tomatoes? This tomato was way too juicy and soft for breading and frying.

Mansi Desai – yes, it’s a hydrangea – it’s more greenish than whitish, but a gorgeous colour in any case!

Anne in Oxfordshire – that’s funny :)