Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cherry smoothie with kama and kefir

Kama smoothie / Kama-kirsikokteil e. keefirikokteil kama ja murelitega :)

Here's a quick smoothie I fixed myself yesterday. A large handful of pitted cherries, a cup of kefir*, blended with an immersion blender. I then stirred in 2 Tbsp of the famous Estonian kama mixture, and seasoned the smoothie with a spoonful of agave nectar and a squeeze of lemon. Lovely, and perfect for summer!

What's KAMA??? Read more here.

* If you live in the UK, try looking for kefir in the Polish shops. If you live in the US, you could look for Lifeway Kefir in Whole Foods, Target etc.

(Keefirikokteil kama ja kirssidega)


Irene said...

I used to drink kefir when I was a child and I was so happy to find it at Russian markets here as well! I'm glad it's finally making its rounds into the mainstream stores like Whole Foods. It's so tasty and so nutritious! Love putting it into a smoothie!

Tiina said...

Your smoothie looks very refreshing & I just love cherries. I'm not so fond of talkkuna, though (have never tasted Estonian kama), but I just might try this recipe. The smoothie simply looks so good!


Pille said...

Irene - I use either kefir or cultured buttermilk in smoothies quite frequently - they add such a lovely light tang to it.

Tiina- let me know how it tasted with talkkuna (which I've never had a chance to try). Maybe we could do a talkkuna/kama swap :)

Liisi said...

Tere! Väga huvitav oleks teada, kust sa agaavinektarit said, sest alles ise otsisin sellist asja paar nädalat tagasi. Asendasin vahtrasiirupiga ja ei juhtunud midagi hullu:)

Pille said...

Liisi, agaavinektarit on üsna vabalt saadaval mahe-ökopoodides. Mina ostsin Maa-poest, aga olen ka mujal näinud.
Odavam kõvasti, kui vahtrasiirup :)

Liisi said...

Oh aitäh, järgmine kord siis tean. Kuigi kahtlen, kas niipea enam sellist asja vajan:) Olin õnnelik, et kookosõli nii kerge vaevaga piprapoest kätte leidsin!

dhan said...

whether the difference between kefir and yogurt?
Which is better between them?
It looks very tasty