Sunday, July 12, 2009

Strawberries with Amaretto cream and crushed meringues

Strawberries with Amaretto whipped cream and crushed meringues / Maasikad vahukoore, amaretto ja beseeküpsistega

Another simple strawberry dessert that's ready and served within minutes. The recipe idea is from a Swedish recipe leaflet Arla Köket (2/2001, Jordgubbar på italienska).

Cut strawberries into small cubes, sprinkle with some sugar (optional) and divide between serving glasses. Whisk some whipping cream until soft peaks form, then season with a splash (or two) of Amaretto. Spoon over strawberries. Finally, crumble some meringues and sprinkle on top of cream.

A lovely contrast of flavours and textures, trust me :)

(Itaalia maasikadessert)


Heatherfeather said...

That looks so simple and pretty - I love the light pink crumbles.

catty said...

I've just discovered how easy it is to make an eton mess, and this looks just as easy and YUMMIER! I'm gonna give it a go. I stumbled upon your blog by the way cos my bf's Finnish and i say nami nami ALL THE TIME :)

ChichaJo said...

This looks so pretty Pille...and sounds delicious! Love simple and elegant desserts like this :)

Claudia said...

What a gorgeous idea! Sort of a deconstructed Pavlova, and nicer looking than an Eton Mess.

Pille said...

Heatherfeather - I would have used white meringues, but I had eaten all of them :)

Catty - welcome to Nami-Nami!

ChichaJo -it was simple and elegant indeed.

Claudia - well, it lacked the marshmallowy aspect of a Pavlova. But it's definitely a possible way of serving Eton Mess, you're right :)