Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday cakes 2010

I threw two birthday parties this year - one to my university friends, one to my extended family (parents, aunties, soon-to-be-90-granny). That obviously meant two different birthday cakes :P

Coffee cake (my traditional birthday cake, recipe here):
Kohvitort / Birthday cake

Here's a close-up of the cake slice:
Coffee cake / Kohvitort

Raspberry meringue cake with cocoa nibs (recipe is still work-in-process, but the cake was absolutely delicious!)
Raspberry cake with cocoa nibs / Vaarikatort kakaoubadega


siri said...

What incredibly beautiful cakes! The mocha cake recipe does look really quick and simple- I just need to wait for an appropriate occasion to make it. Maybe the fact that it's the last day of April is reason enough???

Shayne said...

those look like heaven!

Pille said...

Thank you, Siri & Shayne!

Anonymous said...

Raspberry meringue cake with cocoa nibs - looks great! Did you post the recipe?