Monday, April 05, 2010

Nami-Nami Easter Brunch 2010

Easter eggs 2010 / Lihavõttemunad 2010

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, wherever and however you celebrated it! We hosted our traditional Easter Sunday Brunch yesterday, with 11 adults, 6 children and 3 toddlers around the table. Last year I tried to follow a green/yellow colour scheme. This year I simply chose dishes that made me think of spring :)

Here are the dishes from yesterday:

We started with Mimosas again:
Easter Mimosas 2010

Baby spinach with hot-smoked salmon, quail eggs, green beans and asparagus spears:
Quail egg, spinach and smoked salmon salad / Spinatisalat vutimunade ja kuumsuitsulõhega

Quinoa salad with beets, fennel and basil
Quinoa and beet salad / Kinoasalat peediga

Savoury cheesecake with chives and goat's cheese:
Chive and goat cheese cake / Kitsejuustukook murulauguga

Ottolenghi's cucumber salad with chilli and poppy seeds
Ottolenghi's cucumber salad with poppyseeds / Kurgisalat mooniseemnete ja tšilliga

Bean salad with lemon and parsley:
Beans with parsley and lemon / Valged oad sidruni ja peterselliga

Estonian national fish, Baltic herring, with cherry tomatoes and herbs (recipe from an Estonian foodblogger Mari-Liis):
Mari-Liisi rokkivad räimed :)

Home-made Estonian cheese with curd cheese, eggs and caraway seeds, served with dark rye bread:
Estonian cheese with caraway seeds / Sõir e. kohupiimajuust köömnetega

Choux puffs with ricotta, mint and green pea filling (recipe from the latest issue of the French Regal magazine; the only dish that didn't rock and won't be repeated)
Choux puffs with minty ricotta and peas / Keedutainapallid ricotta-herne-münditäidisega

As for the sweet dishes, our friends Paavo & Kristiina brought along a delicious paskha:

I made a traditional British Simnel cake, topped with 11 chocolate eggs that we bought from the gorgeous Péclard café in Zürich last weekend:
Simnel cake / Simneli kook

And last, but not least, a delicious cake with coconut, lemon curd, elderflower cream and lemon balm leaves (recipe from the Swedish BAKA magazine):
Spring cake with lemon curd, coconut and elderflower / Kevadtort kookosbiskviidi, sidrunikreemi ja leedrivahuga

Spring cake with lemon curd, coconut and elderflower / Kevadtort kookosbiskviidi, sidrunikreemi ja leedrivahuga


Anonymous said...

how delicious brunch u had, and so springy! I really love this idea of annual easter brunch, maybe we'll start doing that too :)

David G. said...


Hille Hinsberg said...

I absolutely loved it!
Brunch = delicious food + bunch of nice people, lots of talking, joking, tasting, lounging and child-watching:)

Hedi said...

Tere Pille,
toidud tunduvad vägagi isuäratavad! Kas neid retsepte on ka võimalik näha? :)

Nikki Comer said...

Hey, nice post.
I love Easter because it is the demonstration of God that life is

essentially spiritual and timeless.
Hope you had a Egg-ceptional, Eggs-traordinary Easter !!!

Nikki Comer

aniitram said...

Nii, nii kena pühadelaud! :)

Racheli said...

everything looks amazing! will you be posting the recipes later?

derrimut primary school said...

Such a unbelievable meal.
Nice pics as well.
Thank you for sharing.

Cat Lady said...

Looks like vegetarians would have been very well catered for Pille! Looks like you had a wonderful brunch - I especially like your bunny-egg.

Kat said...

wow, your friends and family are definitely lucky people :D

Octoroon said...

The beans with lemon and parsley look delicious, but is there only an Estonian language recipe for it?

Michael L. Moore