Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quail eggs with whitefish roe

Quail eggs with caviar / Vutimunad siiamarjaga

Quail eggs, again :) As I've said on several occasions before, I love quail eggs in all their disguises - dipped into Pimentón de la Vera or Egyptian dukkah seed mixture, as a component in a "mushroom canapé", as topping on an Estonian wild mushroom crostini, as a filling inside salmon kulebyaka, or as a garnish on top of Estonian seven-layer salad or smoked salmon and spinach salad. This particular nibble has been briefly mentioned before (see here), but I've made them again and took a much better photo this time :)

Here's the "recipe":

Cut the top off boiled quail eggs, spoon some whitefish (or other fish) roe on top and seat the quail eggs on a bed of finely chopped dill. Serve.

(Vutimunad siiamarjaga)


margie said...

I'm curious: how long do you boil quail eggs to get a soft yolk? What about hard yolk? I boiled quail eggs once, in Morocco where they were quite common at the market, and all I remember is that they were overcooked.

These look lovely, and quite "whimsical", much as I may hate that word.

Gitte said...

I have never had quail eggs but this sounds right up my alley. Love the roe!!!

Obee37 said...

This sounds very good. A good combo and a very light great app!!

Pille said...

Margie, I place quail eggs into simmering water and boil for 2-3 minutes, depending on the mood. 2 minutes gives a lovely soft yolk, 3 minutes almost a hard yolk (but still creamy). Any longer and they're already too hard, I find.
Then I quickly cool them under running cold water and peel. That's the most tricky part!!!! :)

Gitte - they're pretty pretty, aren't they? ;)

Obee - I so agree!

Rachael Narins said...

Oh heavens! Look at you go! Those are so beautiful!