Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Orange salad with pomegranate seeds, perfect for the festive season

Orange salad / Apelsinisalat

Citrus fruit and Christmas go hand in hand, no? Well, in my house they do. I like serving an orange salad during the festive season - either as a starter, like this beetroot and orange salad with ginger yoghurt dressing or this fennel and orange salad with a simple vinaigrette or even this super-simple orange and red onion salad. Or as a dessert, in a form of a simple "Orange Ambrosia, for instance.

When flipping through the pages of one of my current favourite food magazines, the Swedish-language Lantliv mat & vin, I was immediately drawn to a pretty orange and pomegranate salad. And although Christmas is still a few weeks away, we've had some snow in Estonia already - and it's snowing outside as I'm writing this post - so this salad has been sitting prettily on our table twice during the last week or so. And it'll be definitely making an appearance or two during December.

It'd make a lovely light dessert, or simply one of the dishes on your festive buffet spread. It's also vegan and gluten-free, so suits all kind of special diets.

If you're making this in Estonia and are looking for crushed cardamom seeds, then I recommend buying MEIRA cardamom - it's coarsely ground. If you're looking for fine cardamom "dust" (sorry, powder), then Meira is not for you :) Alternatively, buy whole cardamom pods and grind your own. You'll need seeds from about 20 cardamom pods to get about a teaspoon of ground cardamom. 

Orange salad with pomegranate seeds
Apelsinisalat granaatõunaseemnetega
Adapted from Lantliv Mat & Vin, Nr 6/2012 (Apelsinsallad)
Serves 4, can be easily multiplied

 Orange salad / Apelsinisalat

 4 large sweet oranges
1 ripe pomegranate
1 Tbsp (brown) sugar
1 tsp ground cardamom seeds

Peel the oranges with a sharp knife, then cut into thin slices, crosswise. Arrange nicely on a large plate.
Remove the pomegranate seeds and scatter on top of orange slices.
Mix the ground cardamom with sugar and sprinkle on top of the fruit.
Serve at once or leave to macerate for an hour or two in a cool place, covered.


Tanita said...

Ooh, delicious! We dust ours with cinnamon and a little orange water - I'll have to try adding the pomegranate bits.

patsifist said...

Ma olen ka apelsini jõuluste vürtsidega serveerind jaet funki rohkem saaks, olen peale piserdand Camparit:)
Granaatõunaseemned näevad aga lihtsalt imeliselt ilusad välja selles kombinatsioonis!

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Something healthy at this time of year is always appreciated.

This looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...that looks delicious and nutritious too..i have to try that at home

Little Grey said...

Very pretty!

Unknown said...

So pretty! I usually eat my pomegranate seeds with kale and lemon juice, but I'll definitely try this - I always have boxes of oranges in the house this time of year. :D

Needful Things said...

So pretty! I would have never thought of combining these flavors. It's so intriguing that I am tempted to try right away.