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New Year's Eve 2012 @ Nami-Nami

The last meal 2012 / Aastavahetuse peo menüü

We hosted a big New Year's Eve party at our home on December 31st. We were 16 adults and 6 kids in total, so we decided against a proper sit-down meal and went for the buffét instead (known as "Swedish table" or "Rootsi laud" in Estonian). And although many Estonians would be eating pork and sauerkraut and roasted potatoes - our typical Christmas fare - on New Year's Eve as well, we never do and go for a much lighter and rather different dishes. Here's what we were having for the last meal of 2012 (I've provided links to English-language recipes available on Nami-Nami, where appropriate).

Rye bread canapés with mustard and lemon butter, dill and shredded beets: Canapés with mustard-lemon-dill butter and beets / Tilli-sinepikanapeed peediga

Crostini with Brie and lingonberry jam:
Crostini with Brie and lingonberry jam / Krõbesaiad valgehallitusjuustu ja pohlamoosiga

Red onion "boats" with smetana and salmon roe (which I also served on the last day of 2007):
Sibulapaadid smetana hapukoore ja lõhemarjaga

Soft and sweet dried dates with tangy goat cheese:
Datlid kitsejuustuga / Dates with goat's cheese

Smooth and silky chicken liver paté:
Smooth chicken liver pate / Hõrk kanamaksapasteet kohvik Mooni ainetel

Three layered salads - one with beets, peas, cheese and eggs; one with canned tuna, eggs, regular and cottage cheese; one with surimi, cheese and eggs:
 3 layered salads / Kolm kihilist salatit

Here's the close-up of the beet and cheese and egg and pea salad (you'll find the recipe here; I seem to have served it for the last meal of 2008 as well):
 Layered beet salad with cheese, eggs and peas / Kihiline peedi-herne-muna-juustusalat

Swedish shrimp salad (recipe available here):
 Räksallad / Shrimp salad / Krevetisalat

Fresh sauerkraut salad:
 Hapukapsasalat / Sauerkraut salad

We also had fruit on the table, namely grapes and tangerines. Here's our oldest child peeling tangerines that she was kindly offering to all the guests later:  Nora on New Year's Eve

A very traditional Estonian cake, curd cheese sheet cake with lots of raisins (I needed some raisin syrup to make the chicken liver paté above, so decided to use the cooked raisins in this cake as opposed to wasting them):
 Kohupiima-plaadikook / Estonian curd cheese cake

Mocca cheesecake with chocolate coffee beans: Kohvi-toorjuustukook / Coffee cheesecake

And here's the star of the night - our croquembouche 2012: Croquembouche 2012

Wishing all the readers of Nami-Nami a happy and successful New Year, full of delicious and satisfying meals!

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Anonymous said...

Väga isuäratav. Kahju et minu peokutse läks vist postis kaduma....

Steve Millican said...

Thanks for telling the world where the best place to be on New Year's Eve is!

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R said...

Great food! Will you post recipes in English for the Estonian curd cheese sheet cake and Mocca cheesecake with chocolate coffee beans?