Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011 @ Nami-Nami

Happy New Year to all my readers! I thought to start with an overview of our New Year's Eve feast. We stayed at home and entertained friends - we were 12 adults and 7 kids and as far as I could tell, everyone had great time. We ate and drank, competed in a quiz (a New Year's Eve tradition in our house), watched some shows at the TV (incl. the President's speech), and enjoyed fireworks outside just after midnight. Here's an overview of what we ate.

The menu scribbled on our blackboard wall:
New Year's Eve 2011 / Vana-aastaõhtu 2011

Appetizers included crostini with cream cheese and lobster tails:
Lobster tail crostini / Krõbedad saiaviilud vähisabadega

Rye bread buttons with spiced sprats cream:
Rye bread with sprat butter / Rukkinööbid vürtsikilukreemiga

Home-made rye crisps with chicken liver paté and red onion marmalade:
Rukkilaastud kanamaksapasteedi ja sibulamoosiga / Rye crisps with chicken liver paté and red onion marmalade

thinly sliced pain d'epices with Estonian goat cheese and ruby pomegranate seeds:
Pain d'epices with cream cheese and pomegranate seeds / Meeleib toorjuustu ja granaatõunaseemnetega

The salad board consisted of Waldorf salad (made by our dear friends Peter & Kristel):
Waldorf salad

Beetroot and pomegranate salad with parsley and Aleppo chilli vinaigrette:
Pomegranate and beetroot salad / Peedi-granaatõunasalat

Red cabbage, orange and Beluga lentil salad with parsley vinaigrette (as all Italians know, you must have lentils at the New Year's Eve, as this brings you wealth and money in the new year :))
Beluga lentil, red cabbage and orange salad / Läätsesalat punase kapsa ja apelsiniga

More substantial dishes included home-made chicken nuggets (well, there were teens among the guests) with a adjika and sour cream dip:
Home-made chicken nuggets / Kodused 'kananagitsad'

A wonderful hot-smoked trout from Pepe Kala, served with a simple, yet luxurious trout roe and sour cream sauce:
Hot smoked trout with caviar dressing / Kuumsuitsuforell kalamarjakastmega

Our friend Liina contributed a caramelised onion and Cheddar tart:
Vernanda juustupirukas

and a wonderful pork terrine:
Pork terrine / Vernanda sealihaterriin

I had also made two different crisp breads, one with fennel seeds and the other without:

Näkileivad / Crisp bread

For nibbling, there was fruit, gingebread cookies and sugared almonds:
Sugared almonds / Suhkrumandlid

For dessert, our friends had brought along a moist pumpkin cake, a lovely pink cherry and mascarpone cheesecake.

And to finish it all off, K. and I had made a croquembouche, complete with crème patisserie and spun sugar ribbons:

Again, may your 2012 be full of delicious and tasty bites and experiences!


Delish said...

amazing food wow! happy new year!

Joanna said...

Do you have people queuing to be invited to your New Year events? That sounds astoundingly delicious.

Anna said...

I know where I want to be spending my New Year's Eve in 2012!

K and S said...

happy 2012!

Margit Markus said...

Head uut aastat! Loodetavasti saadame meie 2012 aastat ka Eestis ära:-)

Maya@Stories from Emona said...

What a menu! Beautiful and mouthwatering. :)
Happy New Year to you!

n-talo said...

que de belles recettes pour des fêtes qui furent sans aucun doute bien chaleureuses même sans neige !
bonne année gourmande

Sarah said...

That all looks gorgeous!
I hope you had a wonderful New Year!

Juc said...

Superuhke laud teil. See Sinu variant läätsesalatist näeb ilus välja ja maitseb ka kindlasti hästi, järgmine kord võtan selle ette. Ja croquembouche on ka võimas. Ma mõtlen, et tegelikult on niimoodi neid parem kõigil võtta sealt kuhjast, kui neid karamelliga mitte "kokku kleepida". Sain ma õigesti aru, et teie ei kleepinud, vaid vedasite lihtsalt ümberringi karamelliniidid?