Monday, January 23, 2012

Molten Chocolate Cake, the way I like it

Molten chocolate cake / Šokolaadivulkaanid

You've seen this recipe on Nami-Nami already, back in 2007, but I'll repost it with slightly better step-by-step photos of eating process, not baking process :) These are super easy to make, and will bring a smile to every chocolate lover's face (that covers pretty much everyone, no?). The worst thing that can happen is that you overbake the cakes, but in that case you'll end up with wonderful chocolate cakes.

Molten chocolate cake / Šokolaadivulkaanid

Molten Chocolate Cake
Source: Food Migration

170 grams bittersweet chocolate
150 grams butter
160 grams sugar
75 g plain flour
4 large eggs

Butter six small ramekins thoroughly and dust with cocoa powder (a trick I nicked from David's blog). Place on baking tray.
Melt chocolate and butter in a small saucepan, remove from the heat.
Beat eggs and sugar together until thick, pale and fluffy. Add the melted chocolate and butter mixture. Continue to beat for another five minutes.
Add flour, beat for two more minutes.
Pour mixture into prepared ramekin tins.
Bake in a 180 C oven approximately 10 to 12 minutes - NO MORE! (Ovens do vary, so I'd test for doneness earlier rather than later).

Molten chocolate cake / Šokolaadivulkaanid

Carefully turn the puddings onto serving plates. Dust with powdered/icing sugar and serve at once, when the puddings are still warm - otherwise you won't get that oozing chocolate effect :)

Molten chocolate cake / Šokolaadivulkaanid

A good and slightly melted vanilla ice cream is a good accompaniment. Or perhaps some cherry compote?

Molten chocolate cake / Šokolaadivulkaanid


Hovkonditorn said...

Looks delicious! I love Molten Chocolate Cake!

Joanna said...

This is one of our all time special treats that we have at the local hotel and the one dessert that our children ask for every time they go. Thanks for that.

best sleeping aids said...

wow!!! mouth watering..

Engineers Love Cooking said...

Deliciously looking at your cake. Love it. I will try to make it with your recipe. Please visit my blog at for Malaysian dishes. Be my followers to get latest recipes. You are welcome. Thanks.

Jeff @ said...

I'm a chocolate lover myself and I can't wait to try this recipe.

Xean said...

yuuuummmmmyy! molten choco cake is one of my favorites cakes in the world! It makes me happy.

And of course having the best cup of coffee on my hand while eating--wonderful day ahead. :)

Andrew said...

now this is JUST my type of dish!

ChichaJo said...

Oh Pille, these look gorgeous! One of my favorite desserts but I have never attempted to make them...I'll be saving your recipe :)

I am assuming you have to make these right before you eat them so how do you manage if you are serving them at a dinner party? Can you pre-fill the ramekins earlier and pop in the oven just before dessert? :)

karimakene said...

mul hakkas suu vett jooksma :) vàga m6nusad ja isuàratavad nàevad vàlja

elicotteri rc said...

So delicious! I am loving it. I like the recipe because it understandable. I am not a better cook. But definitely can try it.

Karoliina R. said...

Heips! :) Mul küsimus, et kui retseptis on kirjas 'beat the mixture' kas see on rohkem käsitsi segamine või võib miksriga ka? (ma ei tea, äkki ei või vahtu minna või midagi ;D)

Pille said...

Hovkonditorn - thank you :)

Joanna - it's surprisingly easy to make. And - should you leave it in the oven for a wee bit too long, you'll end up with a non-molten chocolate cake that still tastes wonderful!

Jeff - give it a go!

Xean - sounds like a recipe for a great day indeed :)

Andrew - so nice to see you on Nami-Nami again! Gosh, when did we see last - 2005???

Aitäh, Karima!

Joey - you can pre-fill (and even freeze!) the ramekins earlier and then pop in the oven when you're ready for dessert.

Karoliina - ma olen miksriga seganud, olen lihtsalt puulusikaga segi kloppinud. Oleneb köögist :)