Friday, January 13, 2012

Tapas, Estonian style

Tapas, Estonian style / Kalalaud a la Viimsi talutug

Starting from the left: hot-smoked Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras) fillets, pan-fried Baltic herring with sesame seed crust, marinated sprats (Sprattus sprattus balticus) with herbs and onions, marinated Baltic herring with lemon and garlic.

Served with black rye bread (not pictured). An excellent Saturday lunch.

All fish was bought at my local farmers market (Viimsi taluturg), sourced from three different stalls. Viimsi taluturg is open on Saturdays from 10am till 2pm.


ChichaJo said...

Ah! You are making me crave herring Pille!

Pille said...

Joey, have you tried Baltic herring before? It's such a sweet and delicious fish - way better than sardines ;)

Lydia said...

L love this post absolutely devine.check out my blog

Whitney said...

That look delicious, do you have a recipe for this tapas ?

Manu said...

My name is Manu and I`m looking for a estonian cake recipe... the problem is I don`t know the cake`s name, but it is a chocolate cake,with peaces of sponge cake with french cream.
Do you know any thing similar???
I just love this cake, I will be so thankful if you could help me.

Eha said...

Tere from a 'golden oldie' from near Sydney in Australia! What a treat to find you: a number of my friends will have your site within their sights soonest :D ! Have been a 'foodie' forever. Remember collecting 'Time-Life' regional books some 50 years ago. There was one on the Baltics, Russia etc - wonderful!! Altho' a number of Esto/Baltic recipes [and good ones too!] were given, it was said that the ONLY real Estonian recipe was 'Alexandrikook'?!

PS Laughing the 'Manu' request would not also have come from Australia?

Pille said...

Manu, I suspect this is the cake you're looking for :)

Eha, welcome to Nami-Nami - I'm so glad you've discovered my blog and hope you'll find plenty of inspiration from here! If there's a particular Estonian recipe you're looking for, give me a shout!

Katrina said...

yes, recipes for these delish fishes would be great (you might already have them somewhere on the site...), and I'm so visiting the market when i'm in tallinn next time!

Pille said...

Katrina, and you can come for a cuppa on Nami-Nami patio café after visit to the market :)