Sunday, November 20, 2005

What I Had For Breakfast MeMe

A one-off meme started by Andrew of Spittoon, exploring the eating habits of food bloggers across the world.

My breakfasts are quite varied, depending on my appetite, day of the week, time of the day (it can be anything from 8am to noon, even on weekdays), time of going to bed night before etc etc. There is no fixed Sunday breakfast - apart from the fact that I tend to have it outside and it tends to be accompanied by newspapers. So instead of blogging only about what I had on Sunday, here are snapshots of some of my breakfasts this week...

Breakfast (almost) in bed. Had a leisurely breakfast sitting on the floor next to my bed, basking in the winter sun and listening to BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour..

A big cup of wild strawberry flavoured black tea from Fortnum & Mason. A tub of Tesco Finest Swiss Black Cherry Yogurt. A clementine. A slice of cranberry orange loaf. A piece of yummy Turkish feta and spinach pie baked by my temporary flatmate. Mmmm...

Got up at 8am. I am teaching on Thursdays, so I need to get up far too early for my liking – too stressed to stay in bed anyway. A tub of above yogurt in the kitchen, followed by a cup of latte and chocolate croissant in Peckhams, my favourite deli that is conveniently on my way to work.

After a long night in (a Scottish meal of haggis, neeps & tatties, cranachan and wine and whiskymacs at my place, story to follow), I get up very late on Saturday. Head for a latte and blueberry muffin at BeanScene, where I am greeted with this gorgeous smiley face.

Have another Estonian visitor in Edinburgh, this time a friend studying in London. Head for a proper Scottish fry up at Native State on Bristo Square. Not really my kind of place in the evenings – lots of pre-club drinkers, huge TV screens showing sports and loud music. But years of testing and tasting have shown their fry up to be one of the best and I come here about once or twice a month. You get a huge meal, glass of juice and a cup of tea or coffee for £4.50 as long as you order before 11am. Good incentive to get out of bed early :)

I am not vegetarian, but I don’t really fancy loads of meat first thing in the morning. So I usually go for the vegetarian breakfast. And although I quite like haggis, both in its traditional and vegetarian form (especially McSweeney’s of Edinburgh haggis), the Native State own recipe haggis isn’t for me. So instead of haggis I usually ask for an extra sausage. Scrambled eggs, baked beans, tomato, mushrooms, hash brown, potato scone, toast and butter. Orange juice and cafetiere coffee.


angelika said...

Good Morning, Pille ! So I get up and what do I do first - check your blog just to see a whole choice of yummy breakfasts. You make me hungry. I think I have to change my plans and get me one at my favourite coffeeshop, after accompanying Gino to his school class (dog therapy) from 8.15 to 9. Then both of us will be hungry ;-) Have a nice day, angelika

joey said...

Oooh! Lovely breakfasts Pille...reminds me that I haven't had a breakfast post in a long time! Hmmm, nice breakfast inspiration here :)