Sunday, December 10, 2006

A presidential lunch

Photo by Tiina Kõrtsini, SL Õhtuleht
First it was the Queen of England, then the President of the United States. Estonia has been receiving more than its fair share of high-profile visitors this autumn. Last week Mr Bush popped by in Tallinn on his way to the NATO Summit in Riga a fortnight ago. Again, there was a high-profile lunch, this time prepared by Chef Imre Kose of Vertigo.

Here's a copy of the menu, served to the 70-odd guests, including the American president George W. Bush and Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

28 November 2006

Whitefish tartare with autumn apples and rye bread tuille (picture

Glazed duck breast with beetroot and Merlot gravy

Kama and cream cheese cake with pumpkin marmalade



Grans-Fassian Riesling Mineralschiefer 2005 (Germany)

Chateau Les Barraillots, Margaux 2002 (France)

Dessert Wine Põltsamaa Kuldne 1992 (Estonia)

I'm very pleased to see a dessert using the Estonian ground meal mixture, kama, on the menu, as well as the inclusion of some local dessert wine.

By the way - Bush isn't drinking bubbly on the above photo, but non-carbonated non-alcoholic apple cider :)


kameleon said...

ah what a delightful picture showing the face of my favourite president and the backside of my .. eh.. unfavourite (?) president.
btw i am always enjoying your delightful writing and delicious recipies, even if i don't react! looking forward to more of it...

thepassionatecook said...

well well, if there is estonian dessert wine, then that's just what we have to try in the summer! we'll have a little cross-tasting of estonian vs austrian sweet wines and get all patriotic about it. or insanely drunk. or both.

Lewis said...

It's a shame Bushie didn't take a swig of the real stuff. Maybe he'd start making sense. Or at least be hung over for a day and not speak.

Pille said...

Kameleon - thanks:)

Johanna - indeed, a comparative dessert wine tasting (in the interest of research, obviously!) sounds like a wonderful idea. We could focus on Estonian dessert wines in Estonia, and Austrian ones in Austria!?

Lewis - :)