Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Egg Art, April 2007

I told you there'd be loads of eggs:

Easter Egg Art, originally uploaded by Pille, pictures by K.

Eggs decorated by (from top left; click on each link to see an individual image):
1. Our friend Peter, 31 years; 2. Gretel, 5 years, using a Russian egg wrapping paper; 3. Gretel, 5 years, using egg colours; 4. Pille, using onion skins (wrapped around the egg); 5. A chick and daffodils; 6. Pille, using onion skins (wrapped around the egg); 7. Pille's grandma, 86 years, using onion skins (thrown into the boiling water); 8. K, using saffron; 9. K, using hibiscus tea (also known as karkade/flor de jamaica).


maarja said...

tore pildiseeria oli. ma tegin sel aastal su eelmise aasta retsepti järgi pashat ja pere kiitis ning ühe vopsuga oli taldrik tühi.

Kalyn said...

Most interesting that all these various things can be used to dye eggs. It sounds like you had fun!

K & S said...

these are beautiful and looks like you had a lot of fun too!

sciencemel said...

Looks like you had loads of fun. I never knew you could use such natural sources for dying eggs. What else might one use? (Americans tend to use dissolvable bright dyes.)

veron said...

They are beautiful Pille! I love the one in the very center!

Monika Korngut said...

I love your eggs especially all the effort that was put into making them with home made dye.

joey said...

Your easter eggs look wonderful Pille! I love how they are all decorated using different ingredients and materials :) Very creative and I'm sure a lot of fun too!

dagmar said...

Pille, the eggs are beautiful!!

Gracianne said...

Lovely egg collection Pille, Easter always seems to bring out the children in all of us.

Pille said...

Maarja - tore, et pasha meeldis! Ma ise ei saanudki teha, küll aga maitsvat pashat süüa.

Kalyn - we did indeed. As neither one of us had used saffron and karkade to dye eggs, we didn't know what to expect. For example, we expected to get something much more vibrant and red with karkade, but instead got beautiful dainty grey. And with onion skins, you never know anyway what you'll get!

K&S - thank you!

Sciencemel - you could use various plants and leaves from trees to get yellowish/greenish colours, for instance. And you could boil your eggs in a beetroot juice, maybe? The experiment will continue next year..

Veron - thank you! The one in the middle reminded me of Gustav Klimt for some reason:-)

Monika - welcome to Nami-nami, and thank you for your kind words.

Joey - we were positively surprised at the results ourselves, too.

Dagmar - I think so, too:-)

Gracianne - just like Christmas in a way, isn't it:-) But with all the promise of spring in the air, that's expected, no?