Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New York Times on Estonian Christmas Sausages

Black pudding with bacon / Verivorstid ema juures ...
Photo: Pille by Nami-Nami

Yesterday's New York Times ran an article about making verivorst aka black pudding, the traditional Estonian Christmas sausage, in the Estonian House in New York. You can read the article here: Without Blood Sausage, It Just Wouldn’t Be Christmas.

Enjoy :)


Lynda said...

Great article. I didn't know verivorst called for allspice. I remember my mother adding marjoram but not allspice.

dr downundermum said...

OMG! I have just 'discovered' your website.
I made chicken soup with some leftover roast beetroot and wondered what country would do a similar meal. (I am a Brit in Australia)
This stuff on here is AWESOME. Love all of it. Salivating at some of your pictures. Yum!
Are you deep in snow?

from drdownundermum