Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crispy Chicken in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Crispy chicken in sweet & sour sauce / Krõbe kana magushapus kastmes

My Estonian Nami-Nami site is currently hosting a Chinese food Cook-Off, and this crispy chicken in sweet and sour sauce has proved immensely popular. I won't give you a recipe here, but send you to my dear friend, the very passionate Johanna, who blogged about Crispy chicken balls with home-made sweet & sour sauce exactly three years ago.

The only changes I made to Johanna's recipe was to use 2 large chicken breasts (about 500 g) instead of four to feed four people, and I doubled the amount of sauce. Excellent - K. had a whopping three helpings and our daughter loved the sauce-covered crispy chicken pieces a lot as well.

Thank you, dear Johanna! Who knows, perhaps we can cook some Chinese food in your Singapore kitchen together one day ;)

Eestikeelne retsept: Krõbe kana magushapus kastmes

  NB For other Chinese recipes here on Nami-Nami, click here.


Dinnersa and Dreams said...

I will bookmark this for my next Asian dinner. It looks delicious!


thepassionatecook said...

I very much hope so! you are welcome any time, and of course we'll cook together... many even more mouth-watering recipes added to my repertoire since then, so we won't get bored!!! xox

Shea said...

I have a question for you if you do not mind. Can you buy canned kidney beans in estonia? Also tomato sauce? I am sending some food from the united states to estonia, and was wanting to send a chili mix. Thanks!

Pille said...

Nisrine - the recipe's lovely!

Johanna - well, if you stay in Singapore for a few more years, then ... who knows!? It's certainly been fun cooking with you in Edinburgh and in London (and in London and in London :))

Shea - of course you can buy red kidney beans and tomato sauce in Estonia!

Tusla said...


First of all, thank you so much for your lovely and delicious blog! I have been your reader for many years now and I am really enjoying your receipes.

Then a timid wish. Would you some time make a post about what to see in Tallinn from the foodies point of view. I don't mean only the restaurants, also cafés shops, markets etc. Or maybe you have already done it but I just could not find it...


Wanna Lose Weight? said...

Sounds delicious. I visited Johanna's website and checked out the recipe myself and will most likely make this next week. It’s a great find. Thanks again.