Friday, February 04, 2011

Tonkatsu or fried pork cutlet, Japanese style

Tonkatsu with cabbage and tonkatsu sauce / Tonkatsu

Dinner on Wednesday - tonkatsu aka fried pork cutlet with brown tonkatsu sauce and shredded cabbage. Tonkatsu is a popular Western-style dish in Japan, and it's basically thinly sliced pork that's been dredged in flour, dipped into egg, breaded in panko breadcrumbs and then fried until crispy and golden brown. You can read all about this particular dish either here or here. I'll be definitely making this again, as I loved the super-crispy and almost crunchy coating achieved by the use of panko breadcrumbs as opposed to ordinary breadcrumbs.

(Tonkatsu ehk paneeritud sealiha Jaapani moodi)
Serves 4

ca 500 g pork fillet
all-purpose flour
salt and freshly ground black pepper
2-3 eggs
panko breadcrumbs (I used shop-bought panko breadcrumbs*)

For the tonkatsu sauce:
soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce
freshly ground black pepper.

Cut the pork filet into thin slices, about 5 mm thick.
Take three bowls, filling one with flour (seasoned with salt and pepper), one with whisked egg and one with Panko breadcrumbs.
Dredge the pork slices first in flour, then dip them into egg and finally into breadcrumbs. Make sure that the pork slices are evenly coated.
Heat a generous amount of oil in a heavey frying pan over moderate heat. Fry the breaded pork slices until golden brown on both sides (about 3-4 minutes per side).
Place onto a kitchen paper to drain any excess fat and keep warm.

To make a cheat's tonkatsu sauce, mix ketchup with some soy and Worcestershire sauce and season to taste with black pepper. Drizzle over pork slices.

Traditionally this is served with shredded white cabbage (you may want to crisp it up by soaking the cabbage in cold water; drain thoroughly).

* Available in Piprapood, Tallinn.


Juc said...

Tonkatsu oli meie esimene Tokyo õhtusöök. Sinu oma näeb väga autentne välja, peab ütlema. Oh, kuidas mulle kogu see tseremoonia meeldis, kausikesed erinevate asjadega, seesamiseemnete segamine kastmesse... Nostalgia tuleb peale :).

Elizabeth .K-M. said...

It looks delicious, Pille! Elias loves "katsu". And thank you for the tips on where to find special ingredients. Already bought the panko in Piprapood :-) So I finally also found excellent tofu in Tallinn.It's time to bring (back) some Japanese flavours at our table.

Deena said...

You won't believe this but just an hour ago I was planning to eat in a Japanese restaurant tomorrow for my birthday. But since I found this recipe I got this idea of just cook at home which is Japanese inspired. I think that is better that eating outside.

Pille said...

Juc - tänud!

Elizabeth - well, so pleased to realise I've provided Elias' favourite recipe here :D

Deena - it can be difficult to source some of the Japanese ingredients (depends where you live, of course), but cooking the dishes isn't actually so complicated!