Monday, June 04, 2012

Persian scrambled eggs with dill (panir bereshteh)

Persian scrambled eggs with feta and dill / Pärsia munahüüve fetajuustuga

After "discovering" this wonderful Persian beetroot and yogurt borani recipe, I was hungry for more Persian recipes. Browsing the FoodBlogSearch results and using Google gave me plenty of ideas for diversifying my family's diet during the coming weeks. One dish that really caught my eye was "Persian feta omelette" that's apparently a real hit at byblos le petit café - a favourite Persian brunch location in Montreal, Canada. As we have a ready supply off fresh eggs from our four chickens, I'm always willing to try new egg recipes, and this feta omelette fit the bill nicely.

Fluffy (Orpington)
Fluffy, one of our two Orpingtons, on a walk 

I didn't have an exact recipe, instead I took inspiration from here and there (see some links at the bottom of this post). I call it Persian scrambled eggs with feta as opposed to Persian feta omelette, as, well, this is how I make scrambled eggs and not an omelette :) By blitzing the eggs with feta cheese first guarantees you have a uniform feta-egg mixture, and every bite you take tastes of the lovely feta cheese, as well as the farm-fresh eggs.

Serve with a selection of flat and soft white breads, or on top of - or between - toasted sliced bread.

Persian scrambled eggs with feta cheese
Serves two to three

Persian scrambled eggs with feta and dill / Pärsia munahüüve fetajuustuga

4 large eggs
200 g soft feta cheese
freshly ground white or black pepper
a pinch of oregano or marjoram

fresh dill, to garnish

Place the eggs and the feta into the beaker of your hand-held/immersion blender and blitz until combined. Season with pepper and a pinch of oregano or marjoram.
Lightly oil a heavy-bottomed omelet pan.
Pour the egg mixture into the cold pan and place the pan onto a hob over a medium-low heat. Heat gently and slowly, stirring with a wooden spatula or spoon, until the eggs are scrambled, yet soft and creamy.
Remove the pan from the heat, transfer the eggs into a serving dish. Garnish with chopped dill and serve at once.  

More about Persian feta omelette/omelet: 
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Hovkonditorn said...

Sounds delicious! Have a great day!

Bárbara Achondo said...

mmmmm lovely eggs! thanks for the recipe!

Kalyn said...

Oh yes, this sounds wonderful!

Ruxi said...

We always have our eggs with feta :)

Windmill said...

Im going to try this right now, I have some dill in the fridge, I never imagined that dill would work with scrambled eggs

Maya said...

Love the idea, eggs with feta. And dill - interesting.
Fluffy looks gorgeous! :)

burningwindmill said...

I made a version of this tonight! It was sooo tasty thanks for the recipie, i hope you dont mind me posting a link to the pic of my version ?

Saffron said...

This sounds lovely, but I suspect the original recipe is not Persian/Iranian. "Persian feta" is an Australian cheese that's not really like what you get in Iran :(

For a real Persian recipe, this looks like the ticket:

You may also like to try Mirza Ghasemi, or go Turkish with Menemen I've had both of these yummy dishes, though not these particular recipes.

From a long-time reader : )

love cooking said...

This looks good. I am thinking to cook it longer to have different texture. Hope it will be good too. I like it a bit brown. :)