Saturday, June 09, 2012

Some pictures from Nami-Nami garden, May 2012

I'm off to my high-school reunion today (20 years?!?!? How did that happen??), so instead of writing about food I quickly share some photos of our beautiful garden taken during the last few weeks.
Whereas I'm bossing around the kitchen these days, my dear K. is in charge of the garden. We have a very young garden - only established in 2009-2010. Last year K. submitted the garden to a major gardening competition, organised by the biggest selling monthly, Kodu & Aed. And we won the coveted main title :) Mind you, K. submitted the garden to the "Young Garden" competition category - most of the planting was done just a year or two earlier, so it's nowhere near the fully established garden. However, the jury liked the design and the ideas, the neat vegetable garden and the cool Coolaroo sun-shade and the chicken in an urban backyard and the fact that everything was designed to be enjoyed by the family (especially the children) and/or used for cooking purposes. And decided to give us the main price :)

Anyway, here are some pictures from May 2012, starting with the most recent ones:

 Iluõunapuu "Liset"
Decorative apple "Liset" (31 May 2012)

 Sirel  'Catherine Havemeyer' / Syringa vulgaris / Lilac
Lilac "Catherine Havemeyer" (31 May 2012)

 Ebaküdoonia / flowering quince
A gorgeous flowering quince that bears wonderful edible fruits (see here and here; do not confuse with "regular" quince, which also grows in our garden; 31 May 2012).

Hall enelas / Spiraea X cinerea
Spiraea cinerea (31 May 2012)

(20 May 2012)

 Kuldne piimalill
Cushion Spurge (20 May 2012)

(20 May 2012)

Umbrella plant aka Indian rhubarb (20 May 2012)

 Viltkirss / Nanking cherry / Prunus tomentosa thunb
Bergenias (20 May 2012)

(14 May 2012)

 Forsythia (14 May 2012)

(2 May 2012)


Tita said...

Pille, your garden is so beautiful, I love the pictures you posted... and I can´t belive how big your daughter is!

Anonymous said...

I'm envious, beautiful garden and nice pictures, esp the one with your daughter and the up close shots, btw, on another note... I wanted to share this link with you since you are a big rhubarb fan! :) hope you like it.

Maya said...

What a wonderful garden you have, Pille! Congratulations on the prize win! :)

Iris Chang said...

Wow! I do enjoy the beautiful....

Anna E. said...

Sometimes I think we live in parallel universes! That's beautiful!

ScienceMel said...

Pille, What a beautiful garden! Congratulations on the top honors. I think they are well deserved. I too am wondering where the time goes these days, but I suspect for different reasons. Anyway, thanks for sharing these beautiful images. M-

Joy said...

@Pille, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! What a delight to read about another part of the world. Can't wait to read more about what's going on over there. Cheers from Turkey!