Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ham, leek and kidney bean salad

Singi-oasalat / Ham, leek and kidney bean salad

If you have ever visited Estonia, then you know we're fond of various chopped salads with mayonnaise and sour cream dressing. We're pretty proud of our potato salad, which requires hours of dedicated chopping and dicing and tends to be on many a birthday table.

I've offered you some recipes here on Nami-Nami that fit the category - potato and cucumber salad, potato and beet salad, for instance. This ham, leek and kidney bean salad fills into the same category of salads, though because of the ease of preparing the salad, I tend to think of this more like a midweek salad than buffet table table.

Serve with some good rye or crusty bread on the side.

Ham, leek and kidney bean salad
Serves four to six

 Singi-oasalat / Ham, leek and kidney bean salad

300 g cooked ham
ca 400 g canned red kidney beans (drained weight)
1 medium-sized leek, white and pale green part only
handful of fresh parsley

100 g good-quality mayonnaise
100-150 g sour cream or plain yoghurt
freshly ground black pepper or "lemon pepper"
sea salt, if needed

Cut the ham into neat small pieces - I like them about the same size as the beans. Cut the leek in half lengthwise, rinse and cut into 3-4 mm slices. Chop parsley.

Mix the dressing ingredients in a large bowl, fold in the salad ingredients.

Serve at once or keep in the fridge until ready to serve.

  Singi-oasalat / Ham, leek and kidney bean salad


Anonymous said...

Would this be nice with some chopped walnuts for the crunchy texture? And does it get better as it sits, or is it best right away?

Pille said...

I can actually imagine adding some chopped walnuts, though not much (however, the beans and leeks and ham all have different textures already).
It's best right away, but keeps for a day or two in the fridge.

ScienceMel said...