Monday, April 03, 2006

MEME: Around The World

I've been tagged by Finnish Anna and Swedish Anne for the latest meme. As I failed to participate in quite a few memes I was tagged for in early January, I better participate this time!

1. Please list three recipes you have recently bookmarked from food blogs to try:

This is a difficult one, as there are many delicious recipes that keep popping up all the time. I've bookmarked pretty much everything from Delicious Days, for example:) However, here are some of my recent finds:

This raspberry and pistachio cake @ Trembom looks utterly tempting.

These roasted chickpeas @ Anne's Food sound like a perfect party nibble.

For my next healthy & tasty meal, I'll be making roasted carrots & mushrooms @ Kalyn's Kitchen - I think they both look and sound yummy!

2. A food blog in your vicinity:

Melissa @ The Traveler's Lunchbox lives a walking distance from me, and before we both started blogging, we even lived in the same university halls of residence! That's pretty close, isn't it:)

Should I blog back home in Estonia, it would be a tie between the following two English-language blogs in Helsinki: Finnish siblings Antti & Anna @ Doughboy and American expat Elaine @ Axis of Ævil - both just a stone-throw or 20-minute flight/90-minute hydrojet trip/4-hour cruise trip away.

3. A food blog located far from you:

My geography is not very good, but I think Niki @ Esurientes down in Australia and J @ Kuidaore in Singapore are the two furthest foodblogs that I read regularly.

4. A foodblog (or several) you have discovered recently (and where did you find it?)

I'm pretty new to the wonderful La Tartine Gourmande - I think I found her through a comment left on my blog, but then I can't be sure. I occasionally check the blogrolls of blogs I like to see if they've spotted anything new & interesting, or use Technorati to see if someone has linked to me. That is how I came across my latest great find: Bread and Butter. Chloe lives in Athens, and blogs in English. She used to study and live in Edinburgh for a while, and writes about fantastic Greek dishes, so I was very pleased to come across her blog.

5. Any people or bloggers you want to tag with this meme?

I met couple of London-based foodbloggers in London recently, and it would be interesting to read their responses (Johanna, Jenni, Jeanne, Christina, Andrew). Plus anyone else (that's Bea, Melissa, Chloe, Kalyn, Valentina & Niki) mentioned in this post, of course!


Anne said...

Oh that was very prompt Pille. Good job! :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about so many recipes from food blogs bookmarked to be tried! Your apple cake is one of them! :) Coincidentally enough, one other is by Axis of Ævil...her recipe for Dallaspulla is one I had been searching high and low for :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pille,

Sweet of you to mention my blog and I am glad you enjoy it! I would have loved to do this Meme, but I already did it a few weeks ago! ;-) Thanks for thinking of me though! And like Joey said, I am on the same boat, so many recipes from other blogs I want to try, including some of your sweets!!! I will check the other blogs you mention, some of which I know and some I don't, which is why those Memes are great!

x said...

thanks for the sweet words. I'll be happy to do the meme! i love memes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so thoughtful and doing this meme although you have been so busy. Antti might a tiny bit closer to you in Helsinki because he lives on the southernmost edge of an island, right by the sea. I think Elaine comes next but I'm just one block north of her... Let us know when you are coming over, we should definitely organize a Fenno-Ugric foodblogmeet!

Kalyn Denny said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning my recipe. It did turn out very tasty.

Jeanne said...

Hi Pille
Great answers! And I will put this meme on my "to do" list (as soon as I get my EBBP post up - otherwise Andrew will kill me !! ;-))

Anonymous said...

I love to be able to discover new recipes from blogs close and far from me. So cool!


Pille said...

Anne - thanks for tagging me!

Joey - nooooo! I've been planning to make Dallaspullat for Easter, though not because of Axis of AEvil post - they're hugely popular back home and I had traced down the Fazer bakery recipe a while ago. I guess we must start a Dallas-pulla race now:) My Canadian apple cake was approved by so many fellow foodbloggers, so it is definitely worth a try!

Bea - as somebody who makes such equisite and elegant sweets, I can't possibly see which one of my way simpler recipes could have tempted your tastebuds! But thanks for your kind words:)

Chloe - great! Can't wait to see your responses!

Anna - thanks for tagging me in the first place, and setting the geography straight. I thought that Antti's 40 km estimate was too small (I always thought that it's more like 80 km between Tallinn and Helsinki), but if he's right on the seaside, then maybe:) I'll definitely let you know when I'm in Helsinki - and I'm looking forward to reading about Antti's culinary adventures in Tallinn next week!

Kalyn - I'll let you know about my attempt soon.

Jeanne - thanks! Will be eagerly waiting for your participation!

Paz - exactly! I've read your response as well, and you mention so many foodblogs that I hadn't heard about. Lots of catching up to do!